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06-22-2003, 09:37 AM
My Problem :annoyed:

i want to add a color attribute, in the extra attribute of my cartoon shader. cf image


to do this, i've include in the .ma file this syntax :

createNode surfaceShader -n "cartoon_shader";
addAttr -ci true -uac -sn "base_color" -ln "base_color" -at "float3" -nc
addAttr -ci true -sn "base_colorR" -ln "base_colorR" -dv 0.865 -at "float"
-p "base_color";
addAttr -ci true -sn "base_colorG" -ln "base_colorG" -dv 0.945 -at "float"
-p "base_color";
addAttr -ci true -sn "base_colorB" -ln "base_colorB" -dv 1 -at "float" -p "base_color";

my shader work, but only when i use a basic color, when i drag a file texture, in my base_color attr, my shader become black.

please can somebody help me, i just want to add a color attr operational with file texture.:beer:
in the extra attribute of my cartoon shader.

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