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12 December 2008, 12:54 PM
Weekly Speed Modeling Challenge #0 - TRIAL RUN - HAVE FUN!

Notice: This is a trial run at the Weekly Speed Modeling Challenges so please don't be stressed if something is unclear as this is all new to myself as well. Make sure you leave some feedback, attempt the challenge and lets see how this goes! Good Luck and Have Fun!!


Welcome to the first day on the job! You've only been sitting in your new cubical for a few minutes when your new boss walks in and says he needs a new Santa Claus model created for an animated Christmas e-card the company is going to be sending out to clients. You don't have to worry about animating it but he needs the model done by the end of the week. Texturing/shading is optional but not necessary.

Extra Objective:

Your boss has heard that you're a top gun at your job and realised modeling a Santa Claus in a week is going to be no problem for you so he has also tasked you with model a reindeer as a last minute idea for the animated e-card. Again, You don't have to worry about animating it but he needs both of the models done by the end of the week. Texturing/shading is optional but not necessary.


Two weeks starting from the time of the creation of this thread.
Time Target: Aim to complete the model(s) in 3-4 hours. If you are attempting an Extra Objective you need to try and limit yourself to the same amount of time.


The objectives can be achieved by using any 3d package; there are no limitations on the tools you use or methods.
No work in progress models (meaning models already started before the challenge) or pre-made models can be used in or as submitted entries for this challenge; all work must be your own.
Work submitted after the specified deadline will not be valid.
You may start W.I.P threads for your work in the Speed Modeling Sessions forum to get feedback from the community.

Submitting an entry:

A thread will accompany this one which will be titled WSMChallenge: Example Entries (Example being the name of the current challenge) in which you can submit your final work and it will be closed on the deadline so make sure your work is submitted there before the deadline.
On completion of your objective you must submit the following in the entries thread:
- 1x Beauty Render
- 1x Screenshot of your work in your 3d Modeling Package
- Specify the following: Tools Used and Total time taken to complete the models

After the thread: WSMChallenge: Example Entries is closed a new thread will be opened which will allow the community to vote. More information on voting will be contained in that thread.
Participants who complete an Extra Objective do not put participants who only complete an Objective at a disadvantage in voting.


Your submitted model(s) will be eligible to be voted on for the following awards:
WSMChallenge Top Awards
(Extra and Single objective entries are both eligible to be voted for these awards)

The Most Creative Craziness Award - Creativity Award
For entries that show creativity and originality

The Fast and Furious Award - Speed Award
For entries that have been completed to an high standard in a short period of time

The Top Topology Trophy - Topology Award
For entries that have been completed showing good topology

WSMChampion - Overall Best Model(s) Award
For entries that show a high standard of creativity, completed in a short period of time with the result of a good quality model

WSMChallenge Single Objective Awards
(Only Single objective entries are eligible to be voted for these awards)

Fasted Completed Entry Award - Single Objective

Best Overall Entry Award - Single Objective

WSMChallenge Extra Objective Awards
(Only Extra objective entries are eligible to be voted for these awards)

Fasted Completed Entry Award - Extra Objective

Best Overall Entry Award - Extra Objective

Remember: This challenge is about improving you modeling techniques and workflow so don't be concerned about shading and texturing.

I hope this makes sense and let me know if I haven't covered anything. Don't be too concerned about deadlines with this challenge as it is just a trial run to see how things go. Make sure you also give lots of feedback on the rules and how the challenge is structured so far. Every comment will help.

I'm looking forward to see some entries!

Good Luck!

12 December 2008, 01:41 PM
You will see an entry for me, just maybe not for a few days, its my birthday today and christmas on thursday. but i WILL take part to show my support.

I quite like the weekly format, but in the past ive seen it done where youve got a week to enter, but the entry itself is limited to, say, 3 hours. I'm not sure which way you're intending to swing as you havent stated an actual time limit for the piece. Both ways have their merits.

Also, it will be important to make very clear early on how the judging will be weighted toward:
You get the idea.

I for one am beginning professional modelling, so 90% of my effort will probably be in topology.

I cant help but wonder if my mention of my internship had anything to do with the way you introduced your "objective" section ;)

You're a champion for doing this man!

12 December 2008, 02:07 AM
I think a week deadline is great, but make a time suggestion. Say "Try not to spend more than 3-4 hours modeling" More time is OK but the objective of the speed modeling is to help get your workflow sped up and quality up as well to become more productive and whatnot. So I think that for people who haven't had a chance to model much lately, like myself, a loose time restriction is good. Gives you a good window to shoot for but missing it shouldn't be counted against. Now if someone spends 5 hours on an immaculate model, maybe then something should be said, but I know for myself until I get back into the flow I once had, I may not be able to consistently hit 3 hours on models.

Overall I think it's a great structure, and I love the role play involved in it.

Thanks so much for getting this kick-started. I hope once more people see the activity it picks up and goes on.

I'm not much a character modeler so starting out on a santa should be a fun way to get some practice in on it.

12 December 2008, 07:25 AM
I would be interested in doing this but with alot of my time used up in the hcmc I am not sure i will be able to do a weekly challenge

12 December 2008, 01:13 PM
Thanks guys for the feedback, I've edited the original post to reflect some expressed concerns. I hope the voting system I have setup is fine.

I cant help but wonder if my mention of my internship had anything to do with the way you introduced your "objective" section

dangermouse: I must admit it did help with my idea. :)



12 December 2008, 05:02 PM
sounds pretty fair. I like it.

I hope to get started tonight after work.

12 December 2008, 03:57 AM
Deadline: Shifted to the end of next week Friday.

I understand that this challenge was probably started at the worst possible time with Christmas, New Years preparations and the HMC challenge in progress among others so I have decided to extend the deadline to the end of next week Friday.

Hopefully this will open up the speed modeling challenge to more people and perhaps take the strain off those who would like to participate.


12 December 2008, 04:24 AM
I know this will help me out because I had a terrible time finding any good concepts that worked and then went and hurt myself so that gives me time to get good to go with this.

12 December 2008, 01:34 AM
yeah i won't be able to compete in the trial speed modeling challenge. I am pretty sick right now and had just gotten over an injury that I had that slowed me down and so yeah I'm pretty upset. I won't have any time to sit down at my computer to work on anything for another week or 2 probably. Just wanted to give a heads up incase you seen me all on board to do this and then just disappear... I hate it, but I have some pretty bad luck right now.

01 January 2009, 04:05 AM
Thats fine Digitool, thankyou for your support and interest and I do hope you can participate in future challenges but for now here is best wishes for getting well soon!

I am now closing this this challenge and opening up a thread for entries. I'm not sure if anyone attemped this challenge and didn't submit a W.I.P but at the moment PLWoods is currently the only challenger to my knowledge so congradulations for attempting this first trial WSMChallenge!

I hope we can have a few more people try out the next challenge next week!

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01 January 2009, 04:05 AM
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