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06 June 2003, 01:17 AM
Well, finally finished it, thought I'd post a few pics & get some feedback. It's for an animation I'm in the early stages of planning , hence no fancy backgrounds or lighting!

Done in Max5 with Photoshop for the textures, C&C welcome,


Rei Ayanami
06 June 2003, 01:26 AM
Its good, *sigh i cant be bothered to translate the Dwarven.

only crit is that the textures on the axe blade dont seam to line up if the axe was forged. good otherwise.

06 June 2003, 02:23 AM
That's really kick-ass, awesome job on the texturing. I can think of no crit for this, except that the top image appears to be orthographic because the part of the blade that is broken off appears to have no insides, like it was just cut out in Photoshop. That's not really even a crit though, orthographic views are just sorta weird to look at rendered (not even sure it's orthographic, but you know what I mean). Anyway, fantastic job, keep it up.

Oh, also, I think you would get a lot more views and replies if you had a better subject, maybe something like: Object: Ancient Dwarven Axe

or Object: LOTR Dwarven Axe

06 June 2003, 03:10 AM
Thanks for the replys,

Actually, the "Dwarven" probably translates into: likj3q 4liuq34 jlqr, or whatever you get when you find a fun font, then randomly attack the keyboard :)

The font is actually germanic runes ( possably where ol' J.R.R got his ideas from... ), as I was going for the Celtic/Barbarian look.

Anyway, glad you like the texturing Novakog, just shows it pays off to build up a big texture library ( 2 CD's and counting... ) your probably right about the thread title, so thankyou for taking a look anyway! Still, it is a big axe!

Rei, not sure what you mean about the forge lines, any chance you could give me an example location on my image?


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