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12 December 2008, 07:31 PM
Thought you all would like to know that official pricing news just got released for ver 3. The volumetric sculpting is pretty rock solid even at the alpha stage. It currently supports 32 & 64bit, Win & MAC, nVidia CUDA, 3D Mouse Connexion. Among many other things, it will also include direct painting over low-poly model. The current/future feature list is very impressive and will probably leave other competitors in the dust.

The latest alpha version is readily available to the public to check out. Buy yourself a license before the price jumps.

This is an awesome program for 3D object painting & modeling, plus, customer support can't be beat. The developer releases updates almost everyday and really listens/acts on customer requests...MG

Learn more here:
3D-Coat (

Volumetric sculpting: Voxel sculpting in 3D-Coat (

12 December 2008, 11:52 PM
wow. that looks fantastic. I def. need to upgrade, but also need more time to dig into this program!

12 December 2008, 12:26 AM
? where's the price for V3

12 December 2008, 10:29 AM
The current price is under Buy now button at top of page:
3D-Coat (

Here's an excerpt from the latest newsletter sent out to current owners of ver2:

...Within a couple of months (first quarter 2009) Pilgway Studio plans to launch 3D-Coat V.3.0 featuring volumentric sculpting... 3D-Coat V 3.0 will be priced 200$ throughout 30 days starting from the release date, whereas the price increase will follow subsequently. For customers who have purchased 3D-Coat 2.** before September 15, 2008 the Upgrade from V.2 to V.3.0 will cost 80$ and for 3D-Coat 2.** customers who bought after September 15 the Upgrade to V.3.0 will cost 60$...

12 December 2008, 02:04 AM
voxels looks cool, one thing though, the branches seem to deform a bit bad at the start of the branch. (esp. when looking at the curves video example)

but cool stuff :)

01 January 2009, 11:18 AM
goodrichm, do you think a fix is possible for that issue?

01 January 2009, 11:52 AM
goodrichm, do you think a fix is possible for that issue?

Sorry, but the only person that can answer this 100% is Andrew, the programmer. Andrew is able to quickly stomp bugs thrown his way!

Send him an email at:

or post the question on the 3DC forum at:

or try the latest demo to see if it's already fixed: Voxel sculpting in 3D-Coat (

01 January 2009, 04:51 AM
v3 Is looking to be pretty sharp. The voxel sculpting is amazing. :o

I'm really looking forward to the direct to texture low poly painting though, that's the biggest feature for me in v3.

Mike Pauza
01 January 2009, 09:09 PM
Tried out the V3 demo last week, and it's amazing!
The Cuda version didn't work for me, but wow.
Looking forward to the V3 release.


01 January 2009, 11:04 PM
ok, thanks mister, sent a mail, we'll see :)

01 January 2009, 02:48 AM

he told it will be more uniform later on, but working on some other fixes right now : )

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01 January 2009, 02:48 AM
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