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12 December 2008, 06:00 PM

When I create a object with a target, is there a way to show the line between the object and then target? (like a TargetSpot or TargetCamera)
-- The line between the box and target is not shown like Camera or spotlight
b=box pos:[20,20,20] target:(targetobject pos:[0,0,0]) isSelected:on".target"

If i use a Lookat constraint on the object, the functionality is the same and I can show the line, but if I delete the object, the target stays is the scene.

-- line is shown, but need to delete manually
b=box pos:[20,20,20] isSelected:on
t=targetobject pos:[0,0,0] name:(".target") wirecolor:(b.wirecolor)
b.rotation.controller.relative = off
b.rotation.controller.target_axis = 2
b.rotation.controller.upnode_axis = 2
b.rotation.controller.target_axisFlip = on
b.rotation.controller.appendtarget t 100
b.rotation.controller.viewline_length_abs = off

Thanks for any help

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12 December 2008, 06:00 PM
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