View Full Version : GENERAL RULES - READ HERE FIRST - THIS IS A MUST [updated July 11th, 2003]

06 June 2003, 06:48 PM
Hello everyone due to the current situation on the forums in regards to critiques, we have decided to setup a serious constructive critique only forum, this forum will represent a very strict code of conduct which every member posting here will follow, and in time this new path will hopefully phase out the current situations in the other critiques forums as well.

With that said this forum is not for the faint of heart! Meaning if you know you can't handle hard and to the point crits without the ego strokes and one liners followed with smilies such as

"you r0x0rs by b0xeRs"

"you're a modeling god!"

then this isn't the place to post your work, but if you're serious about advancing your skills this will be the forum to do so. We would like to keep a code of conduct in this forum, an etiquette if you will where novices read, and the craftsman discuss.

This forum will begin as a wip forum and if it runs as planned a finished works sub-section with come in place (keep in mind this is all experimental at this time).

The rules for posting in this forum are simple.
every post should either contain a link, content, or image of worth to the general thread topic in question, (it doesn't have to be all but at least one of those). Commentary is fine.

- no software specific questions. This will be addressed with the point below

Important- Artist, please state your software used, and also post a wireframe along with your final render or progressive paintings (if 2D). This is here to cut down on the redundant posts asking for them. DO NOT post rendered wireframes. They are hard to make out, and thus hard to critique. We expect to see shaded geometry with wireframes ontop. A screen grab of the viewport is preffered. ie.

*NEW* Artists please state exactly what you what you would like critiqued ie. the modeling, rendering, texturing e.t.c.

*NEW* When posting heads, it is mandatory that artists show the profile, front view, and perspective view.

Artist if looking for crits on photoreal subjects whether it be 3D/2D/Scenery it's imperative that you post a wireframe along with your final render or progressive paintings (if 2D). This will sever accusations that you did not create it.

All negative comments of which do not assist the artist will be removed, keep your comments professional.

images are only to be inserted into the body of the post if it is relevenant to the current discussion and is necessary to illustrate a point for ie. a paintover or an image illustrating points of error.

'off topic' imagery should be linked as a URL or thumbnailed. Images should be kept small, concise and to the point whenever possible.

Limit smilies to either smiles or winks wherever possible

Any fanboy, one-liner comments as stated above WILL be deleted.

Lastly this forum will be heavily moderated by potentially 80% of our mods.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through pm or email or any other mod on CGTalk. Hope you all can benefit from this new forum.

Your partners in making this is positive and contructive community.