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12 December 2008, 01:59 AM

How can I popup the "Bridge" dialogue for a EP object (not a modifier) in a modeless dialogue script (no MacroScript).
Using "buttonOp" or "PopupDialog" with #Bridge, #BridgeBorder & #BridgePolygon results in a unrecognized error for the flags.

Thanks at front, Red.

12 December 2008, 03:55 PM
3ds Max 7? Think you might have to resort to external utilities, then...

There doesn't appear to be a #bridge* in 3ds Max 2009 either. At least from 3ds Max 9 on you could use UIAccessor..

fn openBridgeDialog = (
maxHWND = windows.getMaxHWND() -- handle to 3ds Max
maxChildren = windows.getChildrenHWND maxHWND -- all of 3ds Max's children elements
foundPanel = false
foundButton = false
for child in maxChildren do (
if (child[4] == "RollupPanelTitle") then (
if ((child[5] == "Edit Edges") OR (child[5] == "Edit Polygons")) then ( foundPanel = true )
else ( foundPanel = false )
if (foundPanel) then (
if (foundButton) then (
uiaccessor.pressbutton child[1]
return OK
if (child[5] == "Bridge") then (
foundButton = true

But that won't do you much good in 3ds Max 7. The UIAccessor bits work through the user interface - looking up the UI elements to buttons, etc. and pressing the appropriate button. There are 3rd party applications - such as AutoIt - that can do much the same.. you'd have to launch something like that with a set of command-line parameters, etc.

I'd imagine it'd be easier to script your own dialog - looks like the various settings -in- the popup dialog should at least be accessible... see topics:
Interface: EditablePoly
Editable_Poly Properties

12 December 2008, 06:01 PM
Ok, I made a custom bridge dialogue, only option remaining is a preview mode,
I think I will use some "undo and re-bridge" method after a parameter is changed on the dialogue.
Just need to see it's a effiecent way to do it, might see a (choking) problem rising when using the spinners (by fast scrolling that is),
might use some update-preview type of button instead.

Anyway thanks for the input, I will consider this thread as solved.

(btw, I'll take a look at AutoIt and similair.)

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