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12 December 2008, 11:27 AM

I have an object with some custom attributes on it :

I define my attributeData by doing somethin like that :
spinner ValueX_sp "ValueX" range:[-100,100,0]

then i add the attributedata to the Dummy :
custAttributes.add $Dummy01 AttributeData

But somewhere else in my code, i need to know the range of this attributes.
So i thinked that $Dummy01.valueX.range would work, but it does'nt.
Does someone know a method to get the Range back from an Attribute ?

Thanks ;)

12 December 2008, 01:30 PM
The range is not defined on parameters, only on the UI control; try setting the value to 5000 - it will happily accept it.

To get the range of the UI control, access it from the rollout... e.g.

ca_test = attributes test (
rollout roll_test "test" (
spinner spn_test "test" range:[0,100,1]
parameters main rollout:roll_test (
myval type:#float ui:spn_test
custAttributes.add $ ca_test
format "Range: %\n" $.roll_test.spn_test.range

12 December 2008, 12:31 AM
Thanks for the help, i would never have thought it was working this way ^^

12 December 2008, 11:31 PM
on one particular attribute i was setting up I stored the range values in the parameter block so that i could update them via some spinners and it would reflect this next time it was opened - i had some error checking for the values but you get the idea -

StrAttr = attributes Stretchrig
parameters StretchControls rollout:StrSettings
MinRange Type:#float Default:-0.5
MaxRange Type:#float Default:2.0

rollout StrSettings "Setup" width:157 height:67
spinner minstr "Min Stretch " pos:[26,4] width:119 height:16 range:[-1,10,MinRange] scale:0.01
spinner maxstr "Max Stretch " pos:[26,23] width:119 height:16 range:[-1,10,MaxRange] scale:0.01
spinner Strval "Stretch Value " pos:[18,47] width:127 height:16 scale:0.01 range:[MinRange,MaxRange,0]

on minstr changed val do
MinRange = val
on maxstr changed val do
MaxRange = val

custattributes.add $.baseobject StrAttr

of course , you could just use a point3 parameter type instead to store the actual range, rather than a value from it.

12 December 2008, 11:18 PM
Its working fine but... i have a strange problem.

I have an object with a custom attribute,

I can access its range with
It returns [0,100,0]

Okay nice, i make the script everything is working.
I close my scene and reopen it.

My $Box01 is sitting there, and i retype the same line:
It returns [0,0,0] !?

And the most strange is coming.
I select $Box01 and go in Modify Mode, There i can see the spinner.
I retype the same line
and now it Returns the right value : [0,100,0]

It acts like if the Range was applied only after "showing" the spinner in Max...
Why does the range not exist before ?
Is there a command to "refresh" the Range of my attribute ? so i am not forced to select each object and go in modify mode... (i could make a script for that, but i don't like this sort of temporary fixs ^^

Thanks for your help!

12 December 2008, 12:53 AM
It acts like if the Range was applied only after "showing" the spinner in Max...
Why does the range not exist before ?
Correct - and it doesn't exist before because 3ds Max doesn't require it before.

Again, you're accessing the range of a spinner.. the attribute parameter itself doesn't have a range.

If you do want to store the range as a parameter, I would recommend creating a point3 parameter (where you now probably have a float). You can't link this directly to the spinner in the UI, so you will have to add additional code to handle getting/setting the value as far as the UI is concerned.

Something like...

ca_test = attributes test (
rollout roll_test "test" (
spinner spn_test "test" range:this.theRange

on spn_test changed val do (
this.theRange.z = val
parameters params_test rollout:roll_test (
theRange type:#point3 default:[0,100,50]

on theRange set val do (
roll_test.spn_test.range = val
mySphere = sphere()
custAttributes.add mySphere ca_test

mySphere.theRange -- get value
mySphere.theRange = [min,max,val] -- set value (min, max and val should be numbers)

12 December 2008, 10:37 AM
Ok thx for the help again :p
i will try this method as soon as i come back to home :p

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