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06 June 2003, 10:11 PM

As a LW user, I am also contemplating on the LW+DFX bundle offer. However, since I am totally new to compositing, I don't know if the bundled DFX+ is the best route for me. I am thinking about using compositing software to post-process the multi-layer/pass rendering from LW to generate final the animation. I don't do too much VFX+live video stuff.

My main question is: for what I will be doing, with the $500 price tag, would I be better off getting Adobe AE 5.5 standard version or DFX+ 4 with modules 1 & 4? Is there any functionality in AE standard version that will be missed in the bundled DFX+ 4?

I have done some reading on both eyeon and adobe web sites, but something is still not quite clear. For example, without module 2 (keying), does DFX+ still have some basic keying or color correction functionality?

BTW, I just got my LW 7.5 in early March (lucky me, just miss the free upgrade to LW 8), so I am not eager to get 8 yet. I am seeing this as an opportunity to get good compositing software with "free" upgrade to LW8.

Any comments or feedback would be welcome. Thanks.


06 June 2003, 09:05 AM

Take a look at discreet combustion as an alternative as well.

IT's slightly more then the standard bundle of AFX but comes with a full keyer, colour corrector, masking, tracking, painting tools, animation tools and particles all in one package.



06 June 2003, 06:04 PM
DFX+ comes with a chroma key and luma keyer as part of it's base application, though it's not on the page at the moment.

It will also come with a basic colour gain tool, which allows basic colour correction to shadows, mids, and highlights.

What you get in mod-2, the advanced colour corrector is a more friendly interface, levels, etc, and user-defined shadows, mids, and highlights.

hope this helps.

06 June 2003, 02:44 AM
Thanks Jayk2k, that's the exact info I need.

I think eyeon should make it clearer or at least make DFX+ demo available. Downloading DF demo helps little unless I am buying all DFX+ modules.

GrantKay, thanks for the suggestion. I checked out the combustion and indeed it looks very nice. I will think about it and see what "street" price I can find from eBay or on-line store.

This forum is really helpful.


06 June 2003, 02:22 PM
UPDATE *****
Question was answered in the following thread:

I am desperate to give DFX+ a try, but the interface is so complicated I am unable to get a single example of its capabilities to work. Being that I am a programmer, I felt I could just jump in and get it working. I cannot.

Can someone, anyone, explain in simple steps how I can stabilize a piece of video footage in DFX+. If I can get an example to work I just might go with DFX+ over Combustion.

Please help.

Roy Hinkle
Nikelh Productions LLC.

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