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12 December 2008, 06:22 AM
Hey fellow CGtalkers,

I'm working on an animated online series called Wheelie Whale and Tank Monkey.

It's a very simple show similiar to what you see on adult swim but not with adult themes. I was hoping to find a 3d modeller. I only need to model 2 characters.

I hope I can get someone to model them. :) I'll trade mocap for modelling! :)

Oh forgot to mention MOCAP is custom, not just boxed files I have but custom!

12 December 2008, 05:16 PM
Hey llive,

I might be able to help you out, I don't have much use for MOCAP at the moment but maybe some day I will call upon your services :P I can model but thats about it really, my texturing & rigging etc. leave a lot to be desired.

What kind of deadline are you working to? do you have any concepts I could have a look at to see if I can help out?


12 December 2008, 02:33 AM
yes I can help with your modeling either character or background modeling.
Are you looking for specific modeling in NURBS or Polygon?

post your concepts and we can work together in team
thanks for this opportunity

01 January 2009, 06:19 PM
If you're in need of a voice actor, please let me know. I can help you out:

01 January 2009, 04:17 AM
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can rig the characters for Motionbuilder?

Please help. This is a commercial online venture and I'm willing to also share any profit! :) Please contact me at ( :)

01 January 2009, 04:51 AM
Hi Sean, .I'm a bit busy lately with upcoming collab stuff, but I'd be willing to give you some help with this.

Also, I talked to Omar about it a while back for Fetch, and the problem is always that we need a way to get animation in and out of our various apps. I think MB is still the best animation tool to go with, but FBX is not working across apps properly/smoothly. I want to find a few people to work out a proper cross app workflow and document it for others to use as a guide...grab me on MSN or Skype if you are interested.

Also, can you get back to me re our last conversation.

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01 January 2009, 04:51 AM
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