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11 November 2008, 08:53 AM

Fixed bugs

Known issues



11 November 2008, 10:08 AM
what are the updates, a new logo? ;)

11 November 2008, 11:53 AM
Softimage | XSI v7.01 - Fixed Bugs list

***Driver Issues***
NOTE: The following fixes are addressed by the latest ATI driver (see Downloads)

UDEV00248043 - ATI: fails to compile specific GLSL Program fragment shader
UDEV00248154 - ATI: zooming in and out of any ICE graphs causes a memory leak
UDEV00247727 - ATI: Objects (polygon mesh) disappear when moving points
UDEV00247699 - ATI: Duplicate of polygons With weight map Causes crash
UDEV00247685 - ATI: memory leak with Render Tree
UDEV00247025 - ATI + Linux 64bit: Displaying PPG with Fcurve causes XSI to crash
UDEV00246655 - ATI: XSI hangs when interacting with "heavier" mesh
UDEV00246512 - ATI: Exporting object causes XSI to crash (Viewport is not refreshing)
UDEV00245991 - ATI: Right-Click to bring up contextual menu after Edge Selection causes XSI to crash
UDEV00245991 - ATI: Right-Click after Edge Selection causes XSI to crash
UDEV00243493 - ATI + Linux 64bit: XSI freezes when loading layouts (ex: default and ICE layouts)
UDEV00243400 - ATI: Selection is slow with high density wireframe

NOTE: The following fixes are addressed by the latest nVIDIA drivers (starting with driver 177.92)
UDEV00248081 - nVIDIA GeForce cards - ImageClip Editor: Browsing for a texture image causes XSI to crash
UDEV00248029 - nVIDIA GeForce cards: Opening the image clip properties for textures causes XSI to crash

UDEV00249573 - Opening the DopeSheet may cause XSI to crash
UDEV00249063 - Regression in performance when keying multiple objects
UDEV00248706 - Local kinematic limits error on imported scenes/models from XSI 6.5
UDEV00248516 - "Error:2011-EDIT-SetValue - Member not found" error when you edit the Pos Limits on a duplicated object
UDEV00247875 - Saving a fraw2 file from an FCurve can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00247596 - Plotting character can cause XSI to crash when using continuous rotation option
UDEV00247289 - Changing mixer connections after freezing to new source can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00246554 - FCurve Editor: possible memory problem with undo\redo
UDEV00242627 - Connection resolution template dialog showing up when attempting to save key in Layers

UDEV00244765 - Sound file not playing (mp3 Compression)

***Converters / Import / Export***
UDEV00249144 - Crosswalk custom Property does not keep its values
UDEV00248830 - Batch exporting particle instances deletes assemblies
UDEV00248476 - Import / Export of DirectX format does not work
UDEV00247294 - Point Oven: Exporting to an unexistant folder or to a write-protected file may cause XSI to crash
UDEV00247221 - Point Oven does not always export when scripted in python

***Data Management***
UDEV00249218 - Refmodel does not correctly unload - Groups are skipped
UDEV00248956 - RefModel load time is longer in v7.0
UDEV00248496 - RefModels: interaction issues with operatoss on kinematics
UDEV00248157 - ICE: Strand caching is wrong when strand segment number changes over time
UDEV00248131 - Refmodels load index are changed when reparented inside a different model
UDEV00248115 - Materials numbered in Material Library when Import Model
UDEV00247962 - RefModel workflow issues with Envelope changes after file save using Weight Editor Preset
UDEV00247638 - RefModel problems in pose constraints evaluation
UDEV00247575 - Texture Map link lost when loading the same RefModel two times in the same scene
UDEV00247326 - Expression on mixer parameters gets removed and stored separately in the delta even if the mixer is not stored in it
UDEV00247276 - Long Save time & Envelope Disappearing Scenes & workgroups

UDEV00248792 - GetAttributeList callback only called once per material

UDEV00248530 - AddInputToOperator gives an error in XSI 7.0 causing XSI to crash
UDEV00247795 - ICE-Cycle breaking point with weight maps when moving ICEtree in the stack
UDEV00247765 - Scene explorer causes XSI to crash (fake node) when freezing a history stack with a deleted ICE op
UDEV00247321 - Duplicate Symmetry Tool error 2011 with XSI 5.11 models

UDEV00248901 - Linux64 playback issue

UDEV00249561 - Make local does not work for pass properties
UDEV00249546 - Standin callbacks for 3rd party renderers do not work
UDEV00249322 - Loading RTCompound causes XSI to crash
UDEV00249271 - Image node (Softimage.txt2d-image-explicit.1) becomes a port name
UDEV00249182 - Can not edit a CgProgram code
UDEV00248912 - Delete unconnected nodes deletes environment shaders connected to passes
UDEV00248908 - Changing the Shaderball > Quality preference to Low causes XSI to crash
UDEV00248742 - Isolate selection does not affect render-region
UDEV00248694 - Bumpmap with Architectural Material renders very slow
UDEV00248675 - Ray3 causes XSI to crash when it detects subdivision on any objects
UDEV00248567 - Preset manager: Exporting a Compound Shader removes the workgroup/user shader preset
UDEV00248548 - Loading the Vector to Color node from the top menu does not work
UDEV00248533 - ICE: Specific scene crashes on playback when using FilterPointsByConeAngle
UDEV00248522 - Elliptical filtering prevents shaders from caching
UDEV00248465 - Connections in Rendertree are not displayed
RESOLUTION: To force renesting set XSI_FORCE_SHADER_RENESTING_DURING_LOAD to 1 and load/save the scene to fix it. Don't forget to set the variable off afterwards as it will slow down scene loading.
UDEV00248386 - xsibatch eventually hangs when you run a sequence of xsibatch commands
UDEV00248322 - Incidence Node "Light List" is broken
UDEV00248275 - Specific scene hangs using preview region
UDEV00248235 - Pass Crop options are not working properly
UDEV00248233 - Render 4K image with FG preview ON freezes XSI
UDEV00248214 - sRGB space is not applied to images on scene reload
UDEV00248053 - mia_MaterialMultiOutput does not cast shadows
UDEV00247937 - Map lookup (scalar) sometimes stops working
UDEV00247881 - Hair shader with multiple UVs do not work properly
UDEV00247806 - "Texturable" is OFF by default in Ambient_Occlusion RenderTree node
UDEV00247738 - 16bit scalar maps and textue scalar do not render correctly
UDEV00247402 - Volume Cloud Shader Artifacts with .mi files
UDEV00247262 - Hidden Line Display and material with Transparency can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00246876 - Volumic light parameter with custom light shader is not working properly
UDEV00246365 - Fog with transparent objects produces artefacts
UDEV00244495 - Lightmaps: link to the file is always the same

***SDK & Scripting***
UDEV00248181 - GetAttributeValue not returning a value for "currentprojectionname"
UDEV00248174 - AddMaterial name sets name for incorrect node
UDEV00248122 - xsi_value.h: unknown format error on line 170 and 266 causes compile error
UDEV00248121 - Texture.fullname returns material library namespace value
UDEV00248016 - EvaluateClusterProperty() Method for evelopes can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00247753 - Model Dialog in siOnEndRefModelModLoad event can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00247251 - Mute parameter on custom operator not being updated like mute parameters on native operators
UDEV00244124 - Repetition of ExecuteCommand can cause AccessViolationException

***Setup and Licensing***
UDEV00249142 - shipped with 64bit Linux version is actually 32bit
UDEV00248135 - Timing issue that could cause a crash when launching XSI and Internet at same time from the installer

UDEV00249437 - ICE: Deleting character causes XSI to crash (ref. UDEV00249347)
UDEV00248887 - ICE: Scene that requires ICE tree resimulation on load causes XSI to crash
UDEV00248682 - ICE: General Cleanup of a few compounds
Set Particle Goal.1.1.xsicompound: Simplification of the compound removing unnecessary nodes
State Machine.1.1.xsicompound: Inside the State Machine, we were saving the Self.__HitFrameFraction value, which is no longer used by "Test Collision With Surface"
UDEV00248681 - ICE: Getting integer attribute at polygon mesh vertex neighbors returns wrong values
UDEV00248672 - ICE: Get Set Sum does not calculate the sum of the values in the set, instead it returns 1
UDEV00248668 - ICE: Neighbouring particles force causes XSI to crash after a certain number of particles
UDEV00248573 - ICE: Crash when a object cluster is used as filter in a "Generate Sample Node"
UDEV00248279 - ICE: Get Element Indices node can freeze evaluation
UDEV00248253 - ICE: Boolean To Integer node does not support Input Array
UDEV00248208 - ICE: Cluster change is not updated in graph (may cause random crashes)
UDEV00248207 - ICE: PointLocator can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00248184 - ICE: Creating Infinite loop execution with ICE compounds can freeze XSI
UDEV00248170 - ICE: Using non-uniform in getclosestlocation to curve returns incorrect position values
UDEV00248161 - ICE: Deleting groups or objects belonging to the group causes XSI to crash upon loading the scene
UDEV00248119 - ICE - Vista 64bit and Linux 32 bit: Stick on Surface freezes with NURBS surfaces on playback
UDEV00248068 - ICE: Connecting GetData Null into Sin input port causes XSI to crash
UDEV00248030 - ICE: Drag force can cause XSI to crash when changing the mode during playback
UDEV00247986 - ICE: On a new empty array the push node sets some data to index one and above
RESOLUTION: User data 2D arrays are now empty at start.
UDEV00247970 - ICE: Instance Shape node causes XSI to crash when using Wrap Around for index group out-of-range with an empty target
UDEV00247966 - ICE: Evaluating nodes outside of execution ports - graph specific
UDEV00247940 - ICE: undoing and redoing creation of a simulated ICE tree can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00247874 - ICE: Create compound sometimes does not connect inputs - order specific
UDEV00247866 - Merging Multiple Simulation Environments seems broken
UDEV00247831 - ICE : Stick to Surface does not work properly with multiple surfaces
UDEV00247764 - ICE unstable when evaluating "locations" attributes using "locations" input data
UDEV00247759 - XSI grows unstable when attempting to drive parameters with an ICE Graph with cycles
UDEV00247653 - Memory leak with specific scene
UDEV00246991 - ICE: Undo of delete nodes operation may cause general instability

UDEV00248790 - Stamp UV Mesh causes XSI to crash
UDEV00248557 - Editing topology and re-running rendermap freezes XSI
UDEV00248081 - nVIDIA GeForce cards - ImageClip Editor: Browsing for a texture image causes XSI to crash
UDEV00248029 - nVIDIA GeForce cards: Opening the image clip properties for textures causes XSI to crash

UDEV00249155 - Sliders range min/max problem with multiple selection
UDEV00248935 - Hide/Show explorer view in ICE Tree is broken
UDEV00248934 - Linux: getting shader nodes via the Render Tree Nodes menu does not always work
UDEV00248225 - Sliders Auto-Range is not working for siUInt4 parameters
UDEV00248145 - Linux: framecounter shows odd numbers when at negative numbers
UDEV00248110 - Obsolete Layers Panel on a Hotkey can cause XSI to crash
UDEV00247384 - Holding shift on MCP select menu does not change the chosen toggle

11 November 2008, 03:21 PM
i wish ADESK would publish such detailed fixed-lists for Max too....
Their usual excuse, the competition would use it against them doesn't apply any longer anyway...

11 November 2008, 03:23 PM
did you even bother clicking the links? :)

it's a .01 release and as usual it does not contain any new features, it's simply a release to address a lot of the issues found in 7.00.

what are the updates, a new logo? ;)

11 November 2008, 04:50 PM
thats why i use xsi :)
over the time you log bugs you find... and then you see them fixed in the next update!

thanks softimage!

PS: today i got response from support within 10 minutes after i send repro steps for something i found. simply wow :)

11 November 2008, 04:55 PM
i wish ADESK would publish such detailed fixed-lists for Max too....
Their usual excuse, the competition would use it against them doesn't apply any longer anyway...

Not wanting to hijack the thread, but I don't even use 3dsMax and it took me about 2minutes to find which lists the problems fixed and known issues with the service pack.

11 November 2008, 07:09 PM
did you even bother clicking the links? :)

it's a .01 release and as usual it does not contain any new features, it's simply a release to address a lot of the issues found in 7.00.

sigh...i knew it was a bad joke ;)
Just mentioned it because xsi is now part of autodesk....

ofcourse i did see the links and no i didnt click on it because im not really interested in xsi, i am more a maya man. I will stay away from this thread now :)

11 November 2008, 05:40 AM
Good things: Bugs fixed.

Bad things: Autodesk user agreement, and 3ds import/export seems to have been removed.

Other things: The list of known issues is pretty large. Hopefully these can be squared away pretty soon.

11 November 2008, 08:01 AM
Hummmmm, Interesting.:curious:

11 November 2008, 04:49 PM
damned! this should've been released one day before... the buggy mia_x implementation and the incredibly slow bump rendering caused me so much pain in my recent project which i just sent to xsibatch on thursday.

i just dont get how this type of things can remain unseen by QA on a major release :(

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