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06 June 2003, 08:36 AM
I'm a Maya user, but my problem isn't specific to Maya.

Okay, I've purchased AdvancedSkeleton 1.7, and I've been playing around with the new, exciting looking auto-rigging tool for Maya called Animan (1.3beta), and I'm having trouble with both rigs. I don't understand how to handle foot roll. BOTH systems rotate foot roll at the ball of the foot, and I can't get the feet to look natural when the pivot is placed at the ball only. Seems to me a foot should go through these phases:

1. Flat foot. This is when your character is standing straight up.
2. Front Foot Roll. Looking at the back foot, as your character strides forward your back leg stays slightly bent and the foot arches at the ball of your foot.
3. Foot Pivot Change. After a specific angle, the foot begins to pivot at the front tip of the foot (instead of the ball) and the bottom of the foot straightens out.
4. Foot Swing. After the bottom of the foot has straightened out, the foot pendulums forward and lands heel first.

...the rest is not important for this discussion.

so with the above do you handle foot roll?

I've seen a tutorial somewhere that handled this problem, and it indeed did transfer the pivot to the tip of the foot. But many of the rigs I've seen pivot at the ball and so I do you handle foot roll on the back foot?

I hope I've explained myself well.


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