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06 June 2003, 09:53 AM
Rendering 6/8 regions:each 6k

I want to render 6 differents regions ,from a scene, (to print themhigh res.; fixed in phsp)
I tried with multiples cameras,but at that level of res.,i have a perspective distorsion,which is not very important,but yu can see it!!!after fixing in phtsp!

I got the proceed for 4 regions;

In command prompt:

Render -x 6000 -y 6000 -xl 0 -xr 2999 -yl 0 -yh 2999 -im lower_left myfile C:\tmp\myfile.mb

Render -x 6000 -y 6000 -xl 0 -xr 2999 -yl 3000 -yh 5999 -im upper_left C:\tmp\myfile.mb

Render -x 6000 -y 6000 -xl 3000 -xr 5999 -yl 0 -yh 2999 -im lower_right C:\tmp\myfile.mb

Render -x 6000 -y 6000 -xl 3000 -xr 5999 -yl 3000 -yh 5999 -im upper_right C:\tmp\myfile.mb

All of that with correct spaces and quotes

How will u name the 6/8 regions?

I (with Matthew Durante) were thinking about this for 8 regions:

Write in trhe script editor (not command prompt):

get_RenderRegions( 6000, 6000, 8, 8, "pane", "C:\\tmp\\myfile.mb" );

The images will be numbered sequentially.?????????????? I,ve tried but it doesn,t name each region separatly!!

Can someone help; hope you understand my english

Ps: the correct command line for one square is with space and quotes ,is:

"Render" "-x 6000" "-y 6000" "-xl 0" "-xr 2999" "-yl 0" "-yh 2999" -im lower_left" C:\temp\myfile.mb

When i type:

in script editor:

get_RenderRegions(6000,6000,8,8," C:\\temp\\balls.mb");
I effectively get This 64 commands, which are indeed NOT named "pane_O", etc;;etc;;
I get 64 lines like ,this following one:

Render -x 6000 -y 6000 -xl 0 -xr 749 -yl 0 -yr 749 C:\temp\balls.mb

which sounds good, for rendering these differnts parts,but :
which is not usefull ,to type in command prompt!!cause nothing is done!

I understand that the squares have no names,for th e moment;

SO, in the script editor,in Maya, i type the following:

get_RenderRegions( 6000, 6000, 8, 8, "pane", "C:\\temp\\balls.mb" );

i didn,t get 64 command lines,named "pane_0".......

Ihave the following message:

Error: Line 1.42: Invalid use of Maya object "pane".

I tried many times, with some changes with spaces and quotes or,even changing pane by tile!
but still a problem!

What kind of syntax prefix should have i to tape ,instead( ?)of

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