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06 June 2003, 03:08 AM
Hello, my name is unlevel....hahah..sorry, that's funny to me for some reason..

Anyways, I have started this thread to brainstorm for ideas concerning the vast need for reference material in this industry.

I mean, Pixar spent a year in Hawaii scuba diving to get reference for fish movements, and the fish themselves.

What if CgReference had had the movies and photos of all these fishies? Well, we'd have saved them a lot of money, but besides that, I guess not much..

but i digress....

I have recently been talking to the founder and owner of (free online books, books that's copyright is before 1923-ie, copyright expired) and discussing the possibility of finding old illustration books, diagrams, and other books in that category that would be able to be looked at and scanned possibly for the betterment of cg'ers everywhere...

Besides this possibility, I have been thinking that if my other project, CgSearch, gets several sponsors, I will talk to those same sponsors, and many others, about sponsoring this project from the get-go. I would like to possibly get enough funds to rent a server, so that we would be able to host several, several images....possibly, even find amatuer photographers, and in exchange for free hosting under CgReference, would systematically go through a list of needed reference, and take such orthographic photos as was needed.

Such photographers that attend car shows and such, some of whom galleries I have seen at and offer such enthusiasts the same offer as the other amatuer photographers, specifically, I'd like to assemble a large team of these photographers, and have some way that they can sign up for the needed photographs..or something...

As usual, I'd allow regular people to upload images in lots of categories...BUT, I've run out of further ideas...

I don't want to start this project's development until sometime next year, but I could really, really use some input on other people's ideas, and what they thought might work...

I just want to hear your thoughts, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who thought of such an idea, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Remember, this is a brainstorming thread, so just let the thoughts flow...If you want to work with me on this, cool, but please keep in mind I want to take this slow, and do this right...

06 June 2003, 03:10 AM
oh, and I realize that this looks like it will be a LOT like suurland and, but I'd like to approach the site itself in a more structured manner...if that makes any sense...

06 June 2003, 03:57 AM

i have a digital cam, can i be a photographer?

06 June 2003, 04:10 AM
hey i do too....their fun!!! :applause:

06 June 2003, 02:49 PM
This sounds like a great idea

I'm sure we could build up a good research community and then use it to get info to everyone, and not only photography but some video as well for animation movements like the fish in Pixars development.

Also if we have a large community it would be handy for any designer to ask for photos that they might otherwise get. i.e. can someone in irelend send me a video of a leprechaun cause i need to study them for an animation..............what do you mean they are not real...........what about Darby O'Gill and all them little people.......... :surprised

good idea though, and if i get any live footage of a leprechaun then i'll be the first to post it

This might even be a good idea for a forum within here (if it doesn't already exist) a CG Research Forum


Dancing Monkey
06 June 2003, 04:33 PM
Awesome idea! I'd like to help in any way I possibly can. If it goes as planned, then this should be a great reference.

06 June 2003, 01:13 AM
Alright fella's good ideaS!!!

TheFreak - I like your idea of not just limiting to pictures, but to include videos, and even specific information, like, just, stuff that people need to know..hahah

NOW, I want all people who are serious about helping me to keep contact with me through this thread, sit and chat, and come up with more ideas...

As I stated above, I'm already involved with CgSearch, and for it to be a success, I can't be too involved with too many projects..

BUT, I still want to brainstorm, and I think I can possibly start on this one seriously sometime this fall, instead of next year...

We'll need ideas as to create revenue, as to possibly assemble a paid team of moderators (researchers) who run the site and are paid for all our hard work...

An idea I had today about revenue:

- Ok, remember that "list of needed stuff"? that I mentioned above? Well, we coudl do a "rush research" thing, like, where if someone needs the info really, really quick, we could charge a fee for "next day information" or something...just an idea

Also, I wish we could find some people who wanted to help who had access to the Library of Congress, cause that guy from said they have many books there that expiration date has run out...maybe we could buy such a person with access a nice comp and scanner for all their help or something, if we get good sponsors?

I want to hear ALL your ideas, cause as it's just imaginary right now, we can do anything!!!

So, come up with your wildest dreams that you wish could be possible when you're making something and need info...As I'm mostly a web-designer and overall forum junkie, I'm not sure what it is taht artists need...

06 June 2003, 02:34 AM
Ya know, I think we might be able to make CgReference and CgSearch like 2 divisions of CgResearch, one for pics and animations, one for links...

What do you think of this?

Like, have one private site, CgResearch, which works with the sponsors, and have one set of overseers who ran the 2 sites, and worked on both...

I konw, I know, this might end up being sortof like cgnetworks, wouldn't that be neat? (except we'd be a bit more informal, haha, and poorer, of course:p )

06 June 2003, 04:27 AM
what do you mean they are not real :surprised

hahahahaha!! i wanna pic! i wanna pic!~ i will pay!!!!!

:wip: unLevel, dont forget, we need you for our Art Group project!! *grabs your collar and drags you
back to "Searching ideas for an art group" thread* :shame:

06 June 2003, 11:46 AM
I'm so in ;)

he he, besides I was there when you thought of this... well, I was 1000's of miles away looking at a white screen with text on it as you came up with it... but still! :scream:

go PHP! oh yeah, and "Brad's weekly 10 reference pics of bland household objects"

Brad :D

06 June 2003, 12:51 PM

TheFreak: Can I have your permission to use the name CgResearch, and make it a small network of CgSearch and CgReference? You came up with the name, so I need your permission, and can I change it to "the CgResearch Group" and have it as maybe a small set of forums that are used by this group of overseers of each site to keep things organized, and to just hang out sometimes? You can sooo be on this project, if you want...

antigomo: *choking*choking* hmm...that would have been an interesting picture, a girl draggin someone of my stature by the collar... I'm still here! What I need from you is when you get my layout ready, get me a screenie or something, so I can start on that skin... I wish there was a way we could make the same site on my account, so that the demo and testing site would have the same layout as the real site, it'd make it easier to skin and test it...

Brad: HORAY!! I'm so glad you're "so in" cause I will probably need your help tons, as usual... AND, I WANT YOU TO BE AN ADMIN ON THIS TOO, cause you work so coolnessly... I have an idea for the site already, and the logo, but I'll need your site, and I might need some help finding someone who makes nice icons..(more on this later) Brad, is it ok if we go slow on this one too? I'd reallly like to devote some time to CgSearch and get it closer to our goal of # links, which we're sooo far away from...and get some mulah from sponsors...speaking of that, I need to discuss a small catch-22 we have right now with our hosts and getting off of them...just next tiem you're online, holler at me or wave your arms or something so that I see you, ok?

06 June 2003, 12:53 PM
yes i too have thought of this idea !! and i would love to help this would be a very very big step in helping cger's.
i want to help .. ill try keep in touch good luck

06 June 2003, 12:55 PM
hey! Rotamus!

ok, so you've thought of doing this before, what was some of your ideas? What was you thinking of doing differently? Any super cool ideas you thought that I havne't?

As we're just brainstorming right now, any ideas go right now...

06 June 2003, 01:02 PM
i was thinking u can have a link on information from fellow cger's on that subject..... let me clarify a little.... if u wanted to model a spider u could get advice from other modlers who have modeled a spider like how they set out there mesh and small tips ... just a lil thought from my lil brain :scream:

06 June 2003, 01:04 PM
Ya know, I was talking to brent last night about somehting like the same thing...

Instead of CgSearch and CgReference, also add to the network CgTuts, a tutorial archive, and a team of tut writers..

So when someone says, I need a spider, we could find him: links/ pics, and tuts on how to model it, or something...

good idea...

06 June 2003, 01:46 PM
I wish there was a way we could make the same site on my account, so that the demo and testing site would have the same layout as the real site, it'd make it easier to skin and test it...

im messing with php now, when i have that stuff done i will send you a copy of all of my folders so you could skin and test everything on your site
i talked to your bro, but he said he didnt really know all that php stuff very well, so i decided i'd do it by myself, but if you/he do/does this for me, i dont mind :surprised i'll have alot of free time to skin stuff then, so :shrug:

ttyl *and since you're staying here, walks away*

06 June 2003, 02:14 PM
I think you might want to ask BooRadLey bout any php problems you might have, he's awesome...

06 June 2003, 05:16 PM
I am jumping on this thread like all your others unlevel.

Love this idea, it really is needed. unfortuantely the server space needed is gonna be huge. The bandwicth is not much on a issue. But can use imagine finding space for like 100 gigs of fish videos? Its gonna be interesting. I think one way to get around the size thing would be to have extreamly low res high high high compression versions of any videos up. Then if needed the high res can be uploaded.

This would save space I think.

06 June 2003, 05:18 PM
good point, and if we can get some sponsors on the CgSearch bandwagon, we can test and develop on that account...

Good idea bout the high res and low res, we could do what webshots does, like, just for the videos, have the low resolutions free, and have the uber nice ones for sale or somehting...

btw, thanks for jumping on all my threads, increase that post count some more, why don't ya :p

06 June 2003, 05:45 PM
Great idea! I would say that you will need some sort of standardized format for the pictures so that they are all close to the same quality, like every submitted photo has to be at 2048 x 1536 in JPEG format - digital zooms not alowed :) Then you could post 640 x 480 (or lower) comps with a watermark for free.

One question though, if you charge for the high res images, does the sumbitter get a percentage cut of the profits?

06 June 2003, 05:49 PM
good idea!!

I'd like to talk to BooRadLey about a few php thumnail generators, and I don't know how we'd go about charging for stuff, I kidna don't like the whole idea of charging for references, kidna takes the usefullness out of it, but still, good ideas and thoughts!!!

I think we'll be able to generate the same size thumbnail, and provide the dimensions of the full images, whatever it may be, like, no limitations, on the thumbnail, almost exactly the same layout like google, which is the ultimate reference resource at the moment, haha...

06 June 2003, 06:25 PM
I think charging would be out of the question for most things unless we shoot them our selves.

But a big liberary is gonna require alot of free pics which we probibly can not charge for. Well with out a lawsuit I mean.

06 June 2003, 06:29 PM
good point, we'll stick to funding through sponsors, or something...

although I still think next day info or something might work..

06 June 2003, 01:40 AM
Well if we ever do get all those photographers and stuff we could get money for taking specific refrence photos.

For unusual objects it might be worth something.

However there is probibly nothing that has not been photographed and put on the web yet.

But its a possiblity

Dancing Monkey
06 June 2003, 03:37 AM
I'm gonna say, no charge... Except maybe for totally exotic things... like an endangered (sp?) animal or something.... or something...

06 June 2003, 03:38 AM
Originally posted by Dancing Monkey
or something...

GOOD IDEA!! :thumbsup:

haha, I love this job.. :wip: :wip: :wip: :wip: :wip:

06 June 2003, 08:26 AM
all these ideas sound good !
btw i live in australia so i would have no problem going to the great barrier reef to take photos of fishys if some1 pays me to :scream: hehe

06 June 2003, 12:14 PM
yeah, I hope it ends up as cool as it is a rough time schedule so far:

- CgSearch must reach it's goal
- find at least 1 sponsor
- open to the public

all this must be accomplished sometime this fall, we're working hard on this, and it will be working and beautiful before I start seriously on cgreference.

CgReference - I already have an idea for the logo and site, but I'd like to use part of the funds that come from cgsearch ( a small part, mind you) to either buy cgreference hosting from the start, or have cgreference hosted under cgsearch's account at the beginning..

I think that relying on sponsors to buy advertisements is still the best way to generate revenue, and by doing so, I think we can generate enough between the 2 sites to assemble a team of moderators that work on both sites, submitting pictures and adding links. We're discussing a way that the sites keep up with how many links/pics you add, and I want a way to review all photos that have been submitted, and manually edit them, or replace them with an optimized version, or something...

I do hope that we will be able to get enough funds from both sites to be able to pay the mods, or at least the moderators who are actively trying to work, maybe on a weekly basis or something. Now, I know that CgReference will be tons more popular than CgSearch, and we'll charge more for advertising on it thusly.

Please, those of you interested in CgReference, please be patient while we continue to work on CgSEarch, adding links and such. CgSearch will be released soemtime this fall, maybe August-ish or later, depending on when is convenient for the CgSearch Team.

I think me and brad might actually be able to have the CgReference site designed, and working by that time, and be ablel to open it to the moderators to add pictures and such. I think if we can get enough sponsors interested in CgSearch that funding and the success of CgReference will not be a very large problem...

One question still bugs me quite a bit. Is it legal to use a SMALL part of the funds from one project to fund another? I want to setup CgResearch as a simple html site discussing the relationship between the 2 sites, and have a private forum there for the moderators and administrators of each site to discuss various topics, and to hang out, if they so choose. CgResearch will be the base of operations for both sites, ok? If we can do this, I have this funny feeling we're on to something BIG....:D

06 June 2003, 02:32 PM
What if this is set up as one site (CGArchive maybe?) with subsets of CGResearch, CGSearch, CGReference, etc... That way you would go to one place to start and if it were really slick it could work so that if I did a search on "horse" the engine would pull up links from CGSearch, facts from CGResearch, and pictures/movies from CGReference.

This modular idea would also allow dyou to add more features later if the demand were there, like CGSound for instance.

Also I'de be interested in helping gather reference pics once that phase starts up.

06 June 2003, 04:11 PM
LOL if unlevel already hasnt thought up of it I would faint. He has everything inside his head dude. I mean everything. He probibly even has like Cgchick the new playboy under his long term plans.

06 June 2003, 04:27 PM
yep, me and unLevel talked about that awhile ago he he he.
the cgArchives part lol, not the cgChick... though... now that you mentioned that.. *runs off to see if unLevel is making a cgChick interface* :D

06 June 2003, 07:18 PM
actually, yes, that's exactly what I'm doing, see CgArchive thread...

the problem is that I'm changing a few things around, and it'll be bigger than expected, which means more work....for YOU!! HAHAA

just playin...oh, and CgChick? that reminds me of this idea I had once .......

06 June 2003, 06:13 AM
yeah now im starting to see the big picture and oh man this site is gonna be the coolest :love:

now if only i sponsor with a fat wallet can see this also :scream:

06 June 2003, 12:14 PM
Originally posted by Rotamus
yeah now im starting to see the big picture and oh man this site is gonna be the coolest :love:

oh, if you only knew.....I talked to brad last night, we had a humongo brainstorming session, let's just say "cgtalk, watchout, there's a new kid on the block" :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :drumrock: :drumrock: :drumrock:

06 June 2003, 05:55 PM
yeah watch out dude, as soon as we have a big sponsor and more members than mods. Lol no really this just might take off.

06 June 2003, 06:03 PM
Hi UnLevel

Havn't had a chance to read all the posts but feel free to use CGReasearch if you like it. To be honest i thought thats what you called it, it was only when i read it again that i seen you didn't

Hopefully i'll be able to help but i'm busy with other stuff at the moment but feel free to PM me anytime for whatever and i'll get back to you when i can.

or talk to me on MSN messenger on or ICQ 32222785


06 June 2003, 06:05 PM
alright, you're added...though I ramble too much..just ask anyone...

06 June 2003, 12:18 PM
anyone know how to make nice icons, something along the lines of turbosquid (ie, planes, trains, cars, animals, plants, etc..) but nicer?

Dancing Monkey
06 June 2003, 02:51 PM
Man, sorry I haven't been on this thread much... So what's going on... If anyone would like to explain what has recently been said in a paragraph, it would be appreciated.

Dancing Monkey
06 June 2003, 02:53 PM
Ooh! Ooh! I can make icons... you mean like avators, or thumbs? Oh well. I'm ready for anything... but it'll be a few days until I get my comp back from the shop...

06 June 2003, 03:02 PM
go to see those icons? the round ones? I'm thinking of making some of those, but a LOT nicer, ok?

06 June 2003, 03:38 PM
don't worry bout anything just yet, ok?

we've still got some infrastructure to get up and a ton of work to do before we get to work on cgreference...

we've got one project (top secret, sorry guys) that we're gonna work on for the rest of this year, maybe more, maybe less, depends on how awesome it turns out the first time...

06 June 2003, 06:28 PM
Hi everyone!!
Bad news.........i still dont have my PC back.. I took it to the technician after giving up myself and the "geniuos" had it there sitting for a week, he just changed the Hard drive and then gave it back to me.
Imagine my suprise when i saw that i had my old PC with a new HD and the error was still there.

Im quite mad at the moment and ive taken it back so they fix it correctly because it seams to be something related to the memory ( dont know how im going to pay it now.....hehe we will see ).

I moved succesfully to Madrid for the summer, but I dont have DSL here just a 56k line.

Soooooooooo.. this is my situation at the moment.

If everything goes correctly I will have my PC ready to rock sometime by next week, so i can start working on this project (even with a crappy 56k line) as soon as i install again the software.

JII >>> I think i will get a Mac nextime, i mostly hate windows and PC at the moment hehehe :D

Sorry for being out so long but i cant do nothing at the moment.

I will try to read the new posts ( for me old for you) so im up to date with the project.

see ya!! :D

06 June 2003, 07:21 PM
pssssttt *nudges KOKE*

you're in the wrong thread...:p

06 June 2003, 02:03 PM

hehehe was looking for user 101 and got lost

:banghead: :argh:

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