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06 June 2003, 07:02 AM
I was wondering does anyone out there know how to make a moving ocean textures, or where I can find a free moving ocean texture I have made a great ocean however I need a good bump map and a good oeacn texture to go along with it

06 June 2003, 07:30 AM
If you have access to Maya Fluid, try to use ocean shader.

This ocean shader maybe is what you are looking for, not just as shader you should be able to simulate wave, wake and foam emission etc.

Take a look at some result at alias wavefront web site gallery.

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06 June 2003, 10:54 PM
I not using fuild fx from maya I had made it from sctrach using softbodys

06 June 2003, 08:14 PM
maya comes with an ocean texture that is great for bump maps or displacement maps. plus it's procedural. I would have to agree with the post before me though, you should really use the ocean shader. The materials ,textures are right on and you don't have to do anything.

06 June 2003, 05:02 AM
Well the fluid fx oceans are pretty darn good, if you can I'd go with those, i doubt you'd make something better off the top of your head, and even if you did is it worth the time?

Messing around with bump maps and stuff is the domain of the poors suckers who use lightwave or something and don't have any FluidFX or Arete plugins;p

06 June 2003, 08:23 AM
cool thanks for the tips.

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