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10 October 2008, 12:20 AM
Does anybody know how to combine or merge many nurbs surfaces down into one object in Maya?

I have grouped the 25+ nurbs surfaces and arranged them properly in my outliner so they move, rotate, scale as one object, but I can still click on any part of it and delete, or move that single piece. I want one object.

I am creating a dandelion with transparent seeds, which will eventually be used to show someone blowing it in the wind. I have about 25 nurbs cylinders going into a bud, then the stem and a few other surfaces. Right now I am duplicating this group over and over to make the dandelion, but it is slowing down my G5 Mac (4gb ram) and crashes often so I'm thinking if I can make all of those 25 nurbs cylinders, etc. one object in the sense where I cannot manipulate any of the pieces, just the object itself, then it won't keep crashing. I'm looking for the pre-compose function of After Effects in Maya.

10 October 2008, 03:51 AM
you wont be able to combine your nurbs surfaces unless they have topology that matches from surface to surface at the edge boundaries. Without a pic its impossible to guess what your model really looks like, but judging from your description, I just don't think want you want will be possible.

Perhaps reconsider if this "attaching" is really nesseary for what oyu want to do. If it really is, then perhaps converting those to polygons, and then splicing your model together is a better way to go. (this will take some topology reqork too probably, but it'll be easier).

10 October 2008, 06:22 AM
>> t-splines. [plugin]

(Combines nurbs patches in to 1 songle object).

02 February 2009, 06:28 PM
MAYA 2008

I am in the same predicament, except with much fewer NURBs objects. I am self teaching, so I apologize if I get the nomenclature wrong...

I created a NURBS Sphere (head). Isoparm>detach surfaces where I wanted to stitch. (Top of ball in green, equidistant on bottom where radial pattern meets middle section of sphere) I then made a NURBs cylinder (neck), and repeated the above detach surfaces procedure. I then did edge stitching on all edges, with matching divisions on each edge.

NOW I want to make all of these (formerly) seperate pieces into one new NURBs surface, without the ability to move each section independently. The edges stay stitched, but it provides some undesired shape changes when I try to move an area. Control points don't work 'right' either at the seams/stitch points. (at least the way I would expect them to-They act as if they are from seperate objects, unlike what I want)

Would a specific Global Stitch work? If so, I must be doing that wrong. I also did a rebuild on it and the same thing happened.

I personally could have done this by now in Polygons, but I am trying to expand my knowledge of the software.

Thank you in advance for the help you provide, and I can send the file to you if you want to see what I am talking about. It's nothing proprietary.

02 February 2009, 12:05 AM
Maya 2008

I am new at this, so I apologize if I get the wrong nomenclature.

Here is my goal. I am trying to replicate the "Tooth Fairy" from Hellboy II. It sort of looked easy-ish for a newbie to try out NURBS modeling. (Easy ish as in not too many difficult modeling sections.)

I made a NURBS sphere, Isoparm>Detach surface where I wanted to connect the neck. I deleted the 1/2 rectangle at the base of the "skull" so I could attach a neck.

I then made a NURBS cylinder for the neck, making sure it had 5 sections; 1 each top and bottom 3 for the side. (See thumbnail). Isoparm>detach in 2 locations to match the top, side and bottom, stitch edges to connect the top middle and bottom of skull.

Edge Stitch the pieces, and then I have gaps... (please ee photo for where I detached surfaces)

My Goal: I want all pieces to become one NURBs object. I have attached, stitched, booleaned and prayed to no avail.

So much for Easy-ish...:shrug:

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