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06 June 2003, 04:58 AM
Hello everybody,

This'll be my first entered 2D Challenge!
First, I'd just like to say that I'm using Photoshop 5.5,
I do not own or have a Wacom Tablet/Digital tablet, or a
scanner. So, that is the cause for the lack of WIP pics.
'Cause it takes a while when doing it with just a mouse.

With that out of the way, to the game/character info

Gametype:: Action / 3rd-1st person Shooter

Character Information

Name:: James Ascetic

Haircolor:: Dark Brown

Hairstyle:: Slicked straight backwards

EyeColor:: Black (Changes with mood)

Clothing:: Nylon material, long trench coat. Wears gloves.

Weapons of Choice:: Two Custom made guns. Also likes a
Glock 22, Colt 1911, Walther P99, revolvers,
as well as other various guns (mostly handguns).

Destinctive Traits::


- Iron sights form a cross from above (Custom made weapons).
- Handle has an etched design in the form of a rose (Custom made Weapons).

Self (Character)

- Eyecolor is mainly black, until his mood changes.
- Leaves dead roses next to the dead; as a symbol of defeat.
- Wears a cross around his neck.
- Prays for those he has disposed of or about to dispose of.
- Attends Church whenever possible.
- Prefers dim lighting.
- Has mastered the lethal art of gunplay.

Soon, I'll have detailed paintings of his gun, Cross around his neck, shape of his eyes, etc . . . :thumbsup: I'll also include info about the
meaning of the image (symbolism).

For now, here is a basic example scenario. Enjoy!

Picture this:

Your running down an alleyway, just after robbing a bank. Suddenly, a light flickers and you notice a dark figure in a pose that resembles a Cross. Cautiously, you continue through the alley to escape your persuers and to make sure you aren't crazy and just seeing things. Abruptly, the light flashes brighter this time. You see a man in the same pose, holding two guns, motionless. He knows what you just did, and your fate. You remember stories of him. Everyone that has crossed his path . . . well. . . let's just say you were no different. You could hear him praying. The next light you saw was your life being taken away.


06 June 2003, 05:45 AM
Click link, then on image . . .:wavey: :wip:

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