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09 September 2008, 07:04 AM
Hello CG community, this will be the second post on the board, looking to get some crits and helpful advice from the pros! I've been working on this model on my days off and after work, would of be great to get em done before the Comic con event.

I did my base model in max, then high poly sculpt in zbrush, and photoshop for texture and addition normal work.

High poly w/paint over in photoshop:

Here are some renders of the low poly(5282 tris) cage and texture WIP:

I was trying some different things and for some reason when i exported as an obj into max i changed him from quads to tris, probably not something im going to be doing in the future.

Also didn't learn about offsetting the UVs and then being able to divide those uv groups as sub tools. Learn more each model ;)

Looking for crits on materials/lighting and even though i won't be revisiting the high poly crits on that will be applied to the next model

10 October 2008, 03:41 AM

So here's an update on the textures! I've played around with color schemes on the the diffuse and tried adding some more surface detail to his suit.

I am planning on bringing him into the unreal engine, this would be my first time working with the engine and a little disoriented in regards to where to start, I'm assuming it is an sdk when you buy the game? If anyone has some good reads or tutorials they found helpful i would really appreciate, thanks!

10 October 2008, 06:25 AM
If you buy the special edition of Unreal Tournament 3 it comes with tutorial DVD's which will help you put your model in game.

there's also online help:

10 October 2008, 06:51 AM
Are you using cubemaps for the reflections? i like the overall work here, the modeling looks very nice man, the only thing that may need a little bit more work is the lighting...or may be the textures, i think they look very opaque, other than that, it is a pretty solid work, keep it up. About the "quads to tris" thing, as long as i know, max convert everything to tris automatically, so just change your mesh to editable poly and you`ll have all your quads back.

PS i`ve never been able to convert my UVs to sub tools either, gotta look for a good tutorial about that in the future, cheers! ;)

10 October 2008, 07:33 AM
My only complaints are stylistic - namely that his head looks completly unlike anything I've ever associated with Colossus. His cheekbones are incredibly huge, and his forehead rises up almost like, forgive me, Frankenstein's.

However, the overall quality of this is fantastic. I'd love to see what he looks like when you get him animated.

10 October 2008, 11:14 AM
Are you using environment textures for the real time reflections ?

10 October 2008, 01:34 AM
sprunghunt - Crucial post, thank you very much:) I was just about to buy the normal version of it, i think it's safe to say that dishing out the extra coin is worth the DVD's:)

sonomamashine - Currently I just have a map in the reflection slot on my material. I'm not sure if real time engines support this(going to find out the hard way when i grab UE3) Should i be using cube maps? I'm not familiar with it to be honest, if you having any good tutorials on it send em my way:) I'm not sure what you mean by opaque, im just unfamiliar with the word if you could elaborate i'll deffinately apply that to my textures to get a different result. I think the main reason the uv/subtooks didn't work is because i didn't offset in max, on the zbrush site, they have some great videos that walkthrough using max w/ zmapper and they go over the offset, by time I watched it i was to far into the high poly to go back.

Valandar- I see where you are going with the frankenstein thing, I basicaly did the low poly using a colossus images as ref then once in zbrush kinda went on my own from there. I was trying to exagerate his features so they would viewed from a distance but i guess i went overboard! I think this could be resolved by refining my zbrush skills and using more reference while sculpting.

CodeVeroby- Right now its a reflecting map in the reflection slot, it's pretty much a high contrast of my diffuce right now

Thanks for your posts guys! posting updates soon:)

10 October 2008, 12:31 AM

1.not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.

2.not transmitting radiation, sound, heat, etc.

3.not shining or bright; dark; dull.

I meant that the colors may need some more saturation, they kinda look a little bit...dead :thumbsup:

Cube maps have the same function than HDRI images, but they are used for realtime reflections in game, i`m new to that to be honest and was looking for some tutorials about it, but just found tons of coding and programming stuff. Any way check this links out, the third one, is a program that generates cube maps in DDS format so you`ll need shaders that support DDS files, the second link is an explanation of how to use the program from a very experienced guy in this forums. Hope this is useful. :D

PD: I like the frankenstein style by the way.

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