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09 September 2008, 08:46 AM
Hi all

This is my 1st post and I have a problem. I've searched these forums and others and found some ok examples, but none exactly how it was done in lamens terms. Iím trying to create long grass about 1m tall and then animate it blowing like crazy in the wind. It can be from very strong storm wind or from helicopter hovering above. Iím using real world scale and my ground is about 100meter by 100meter covered in grass and bushes and trees. The bushes and trees I will just fake with maybe Onyx or Growfx. But the grass is giving me serious headaches. Iíve tried with max hair and fur but cannot get a natural looking wind flow and natural looking bushveld grass like in africa. Also max hair and fur renders forever and have some issues with VRay. How can I do this with PFLOW? I want to do something like this:

but more crazy wind and without having it look like the grass is underwater Please help!

Morne (DVP3D)

10 October 2008, 06:58 PM
After 2 weeks I'm going nuts trying to get this to work!

I realy need some help here urgently! Grass-o-matic is not the correct tool for this job as it makes the grass looks like waves and it kills the pc. I'm using a ground plane 100m X 100m with 1m tall grass. Over that large surface I need minimum 250 000 blades of grass. Grass-o-matic is not made for this it seems. The 3d total tutorial also is no good as the end animation looks like underwater wave grass. Max Hair and fur seems to be a good option, however I can't get the sphereical wind to effect the grass nicely. I modified the 3d total tut by adding flex instead of the wave, but that doesnt keep the shape of my grass, and it kills the pc during render time. So its either max hair and fur or somehow do it with particle flow which is the option I'm hoping for. Max particle flow seems promising but after distributing my object over the ground, I can't figure out how to affect it with wind.

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10 October 2008, 06:59 PM
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