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Yan Loong Wong
06-05-2003, 03:41 AM
I'm in again, just to save my spot for now. I've no idea what i'm gonna do for this one yet. ;)

now brainstorming...

Yan Loong Wong
06-19-2003, 05:09 AM
i finally found some time to brainstorm some ideas, thought it'll be interesting to show all my thumbnails and how i got here. Here's the final idea i decided to use:

Guy A & B fighting. Guy A overpower Guy B. Guy A was about to strangle Guy B to death, when Guy B stick his fingers into Guy A's nostrils, and...win.

here are some thumbnail/brainstorm sketches:

http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_01_small.jpg (http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_01.jpg)

http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_02_small.jpg (http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_02.jpg)

http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_03_small.jpg (http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_03.jpg)

http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_04_small.jpg (http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_04.jpg)

http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_05_small.jpg (http://www.sketchinglife.com/miscel/AnimCon_0607/thumbnails_05.jpg)

okay, modelling next...

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