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09 September 2008, 08:46 PM
After 4 months in the making ZBrush Advanced Workflows with over 10hrs of content, covers instruction in both Zbrush and Modo, exploring concepts and methods to enchance and optimize model development and creation. Presented with full hi-res video and audio narration.

Topics include; Model preparation, Sculpting methodology, uses for the Z-projection brush, uses of the Morph brush, UV tricks and tips, Zmapper and arbitrary meshes, Organic sculpting using masks, Hard surface workflows in zbrush, Retopology, Displacement maps and rendering them.

The intention with all the tutorials I make is to provide a lot of information and acquired knowledge. Not just watch me work like there are countless examples of already. The goal is any one of these lecture topics is worth the price of the collection they are a part of. I have seen a lot of instructional material over the years and I am trying to make tutorials how I’ve always wanted them to be; at an advanced level, no filler, time lapse repetitive sections and covering topics and techniques I have not seen else where.

Instructor Bio;

Ken Finlayson has been a Zbrush user since version 1.55, and a creator of 3d art since 1993. He has worked in both the film and next-gen games industries. He is currently a Senior Character artist for the game developer Bioware Corp. and most recent credit is to the game Mass Effect. In the past he has been a beta tester of the Zbrush and Mudbox software. He was an ambassador for Sheridan College’s computer animation program as well as taught and tutored while attending there. He was a recognized EAU instructor while employed as a Character artist by Electronic Arts and has given several lectures to Bioware’s character art team and junior artists.


Here is a video preview, the quality is a bit degraded I'm afraid.


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Hi, this looks great but I am confused. I see Bioware uses 3DS Max and you have created these tutorials for Zbrush/Modo. As Senior Character Artist at Bioware do you use both Modo or just Max or is Modo something you use in your spare time? I am just wondering, since you use and obviously like Modo do you use it in your pipeline at Bioware?

Thanks. Look forward to your reply! :)

09 September 2008, 07:22 PM
Bioware has a couple apps in house but is predominantly a 3DS Max shop still. I personally had never used Max when I came to Bioware about 3 yrs ago so I have only become a Max user as result of adapting to the work environment.

I own and use a lot of un-popular software for my own personal work :). These days I tend to do all my rendering in Modo since I got tired of all the issues with Fprime in lightwave. Modo is also newer, I am pretty active with its community. There is not as much training material to compete with and lots of subject unexplored. This and any future training I'm working on generally is how I work.

09 September 2008, 10:13 AM
very interesting ,

Erik Heyninck
09 September 2008, 06:55 AM
I got these and although I haven't watched all videos yet, I was impressed from the first moment as you get the "other" information, the practical down-to-earth way an experienced user uses these apps.

Very understandable also for a non-English speaking native from ol' Europe.
And not a voice that makes you fall asleep.

Looking forward to a series that lays the accent on Modo's modeling!

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