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09 September 2008, 02:55 PM
SCI has just made Artizen HDR 2.6 beta 6 available for download. This latest update is rather significant cause it really enhances the RAW converting capabilities of Artizen as well as the HDR workflow.

beta6 additions
-Boosted Performance of HDR creation process.
-Added a bypass option to the HDR creation process for faster work flow.
-Updated HDR Auto Alignment algorithm.
-Updated HDR Merging algorithm.
-Sliders now support using Arrow keys.
-GUI enhancements.
-Restored "Fix Black Spots" option.
-New slider used in Manual Alignment window.

beta5 additions
-Removed Processing Popup when in Interactive Filter mode.
-Added label to indicate which file is selected in HDR Manual Alignment window.
-File creation is optional during HDR creation process.
-Saves setting between loading Artizen.
-Fixed/Updated White Balance to be more of White Balance filter than White Point filter.
-Updated HDR Auto Alignment algorithm.
-Updated HDR Merging algorithm.
-GUI enhancements.
-Fixed bug with International decimal values.

beta 4 additions
-New Color Histogram in the Tone Mapping Window.
-Updated HDR Creation Auto Alignment algorithm.
-Updated Natural Tone Mapping Operator to be more Natural.
-Optimized HDR Creation Manual Alignment GUI.
-New White Balance Adjustment Filter.
-6 New Vignette Styles added.
-GUI Enhancements.

beta 3 additions

- International support for single values, such as "3.0" and "3,0", which caused fatal crashes in HDR Tone Mapping, Batch Processing, and other settings values.
- Fixed Memory leaks in new HDR creation.
- Updated Tone Mapping default settings.
- Drag and Drop support when selecting file for HDR creation.
- Updated Dramatic Tone Mapping operator.
- Single file HDR batch processing.
- Fixed HDR batch processing 8 and 16bit tiff output.
- Support to only generate HDR files when Batch Processing.
- Dozens of minor GUI fixes.
- Fixed memory leak when loading Digital Camera RAW files.
- Fixed saving and loading 32bit Tiff's.

beta 2 additions

- New Batch Processor for both LDR and HDR images.
- Reduce memory overhead.
- Support for 32 MP HDR files.
- Faster workflow.
- Boosted Dramatic Performance.
- Major HDR Core Update.
- New Tone Mapping Architecture

beta 1 first release

- New Graphic User Interface
- New work flow.
- New Auto Alignment algorithm when creating HDR files.
- Phase 1 of new merging algorithm when creating HDR files.
- New support for upto 32 exposures when creating an HDR file.
- New Dramatic Tone Mapping Operator based on Lock05.
- Reduce memory usage.
- Better Performance Right across the board.
- Only SSE2 support.
- New Vignette functionality.
- Major Core Enhancements.
- Flickr support tags.
- Many updates and bug fixes.

Download Link (

Artizen Home Page (

Artizen is a...

-RAW Converter with support for more than 14+ RAW file format from more than 200+ digital cameras.
-HDR App with state of the art Auto Alignment algorithm, 4 Tone Mapping Operators (Display, Natural, Dramatic and Cipher) with Batch Processing capabilities.
-Image Editor with 100+ functions such as Levels, Curves, Color Balance, White Balance, Exposure, Blur and much much more...
Dramatic Tone Mapping Operator

Natural Tone Mapping Operator

Display Tone Mapping Operator

09 September 2008, 06:04 PM
Beta 6 was just released (Sept 16 2008) which addressed several issues with beta 5. The biggest changes in this update is the enhancement of the auto alignment algorithm and hdr creation performance.

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