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06 June 2003, 11:26 AM (


here are some images we did for Atari's VRally 3 game, one of which was for the Xbox packaging which has just been released. The cars were modelled in Maya, and rendered in Max scanline (due to deadline time constraints, and the fact that they had to print at A3).

We haven't much time to post any recent work, but we have just managed to update our site ( , including some more up to date images.

06 June 2003, 11:29 AM
Just amazing work !

really nice texturing... keep it up! :scream:

06 June 2003, 11:42 AM
Amazing work! :applause: :buttrock:
I really like the last picture.

06 June 2003, 11:43 AM
hai...could you tell us about how you apply the mud texture on the surface of the car....thanks

06 June 2003, 11:43 AM
that's rocks!! awesome works!
i love the second one.. :applause:


06 June 2003, 11:58 AM
very nice, what reference material did you use?
do you have a good tutorial for doing that in maya?

06 June 2003, 12:09 PM
Wireframe please! :eek: It's tooooo photorealistic, cheers!!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

06 June 2003, 12:15 PM
Great, especially last two.

06 June 2003, 12:16 PM
I really like the two last one!!:thumbsup:


Kel Solaar
06 June 2003, 12:28 PM
Amazing works! :beer:

Texturing, modelling, lightning, everything is great!! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

06 June 2003, 12:34 PM
the first one is great!!!

Just Max Scanline, no extra finishing work in photoshop???


06 June 2003, 12:36 PM
Very nice!
How much/many polygons?

06 June 2003, 12:38 PM
I love the last one, awesome work very photo-realistic. I love all the work you have displayed on your webby too a huge contrast of work, obviously a very talented team :D

To be blunt I Don't like the animation portfolio as much though, doesn't convey the same quality as the rest of your work and I think the music is a bit bland. I know it sounds harsh but from my perspective watching that did more harm than good. The Tank shots and the Space parts of it however were excellent.

Are you per chance ex- cg students from Bournmouth Uni?

06 June 2003, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the comments, and the front page plug!

PCollier >

the showreel was done 3 or 4 years and hasn't been updated since, a new one should be up sometime later in the year hopefully. We don't get a lot of time unfortuanately to update it, as most of the work we do is for print, and we don't have a lot of spare time.

We are all ex-Bournemouth students, but we all went to the art college and trained as traditional illustrators. Two of us also lectured there as well. We know a couple of guys who went to the Uni and did the MA, one is now at WETA, but by and large the University seems to concentrate more on the technical side of things rather than the artistic side.

Daniel >

we use photoshop on pretty much every image, each of these cars / backgrounds had to be modelled, textured, rendered and put together in a week, including client feedback and changes. These images also have to be used for POS and advertising too, so they are quite large, there usually isn't enough time to create everything in the render.


06 June 2003, 01:22 PM
What a wonderful work!
So real the texture is.

Keep it in the gallery!!

06 June 2003, 01:26 PM
Very realistic and ACTION-PACKED..packed...packed (thunderous echo)

06 June 2003, 01:49 PM
Really great work, very detailed and realistic with the application of the dirt.

06 June 2003, 02:09 PM
Great dirt fx andlighting!

06 June 2003, 02:25 PM
Some of the best renderings I've ever seen achieved with the Max scanline PS or not. Nice site too in the main.:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :)

06 June 2003, 02:28 PM
I really, really LOVE IT!

so cool man!

congrats!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

06 June 2003, 02:35 PM
That second image is mind blowingly awesome.

btw... vRally 2 is one of my all time favorite racing games. Controls were soo dang good. They weren't to realistic like GT3 (takes the fun away).

06 June 2003, 03:44 PM
They're all amazing images though I think the headlights on the EVO let the first picture down a tad. They seem a bit too opaque.

well done none-the-less. :beer: :beer: :beer:

06 June 2003, 05:00 PM
great work...

but one thing bothers me on the first picture. Mit. logo badge looks kinda strange.. not in the center ?

btw. i love those food&packaging visualisations :)

s u n n z
06 June 2003, 05:02 PM
wow, the second rendering looks like a photo.

06 June 2003, 05:28 PM
nice job :)

much better than mine ;)

06 June 2003, 05:43 PM
wow,looks great! cool work!
I hope so much to see more larger pictures!

06 June 2003, 05:59 PM
The last one is really beautiful :buttrock:

06 June 2003, 06:01 PM

damn,, now thats the ___blank___

So you say you have big renders,, i would love to have a 206 pic in 1600x1200 for my desk top,, thought i would ask.. :wip:

06 June 2003, 06:10 PM
looks great! Now if you could provide one of a Subaru WRX 1280x1024 for my desktop :D

06 June 2003, 06:16 PM
Great stuff, especially the second image (allthough... that's really flying high).


06 June 2003, 06:17 PM
i lov cars anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bounce: :beer:

06 June 2003, 06:24 PM
Nice images, I really like that second one. Good work on the site too. I hope to see more amazing images from your team :thumbsup:

06 June 2003, 06:55 PM
absolutely fantastic!!! :thumbsup:

the only thing i would have liked would be an environment on the 3rd one... seems a little plain....

06 June 2003, 06:56 PM
Fabulous work!

But to pick on something at all, then at the third pic. Check the wheels. Only lower part of wheels has mud on it, and that cant be unless the mud wasnt applied there in some studio. If it became muddy in race, then the whoel wheel should be so ;)

Other than that realism nitpick, it is awesome!

06 June 2003, 07:04 PM
I played the demo of the game. I love your artwork *tired+lazy to critique right now*. It's simply great so ya ;)

06 June 2003, 07:29 PM
cool work dude:thumbsup:

06 June 2003, 07:31 PM
:eek: the second image is awesome!

(not that the other two images were not :D )

06 June 2003, 08:57 PM
glad i read this. how did u learn to do that stuff? or how can i learn hahahaa. they are abviously one of the best.

06 June 2003, 09:44 PM
Really very amazing! i envy u! i wanna model some car soon too...! probably a subaru impreza wrx..:applause:

06 June 2003, 10:57 PM

dont tell me those images are IN-GAME!

models look real-good....and photo-real....

06 June 2003, 11:06 PM
Did you post polycount or texture map size?
This is for ps2 or xbox (both?)?

Oh yeah, hella amazing!

Sorry if i missed it if already posted.

06 June 2003, 11:11 PM
Amazing :)

I have an question.
You said Its done in maya but rendered in 3dmax render.

How do you import a model with textures from maya to max?

Cant get it to work.

06 June 2003, 11:28 PM
i actually just recently bought this game for PS2, i think each car ingame is about 15,000 polies. The game is actually really good to, i think its better then CMR3

06 June 2003, 12:14 AM


ROCK, that is awesome, really something to be proud of

06 June 2003, 12:22 AM
You Rock!!:beer:

06 June 2003, 12:29 AM
:applause: :applause:

06 June 2003, 01:21 AM


06 June 2003, 01:27 AM
the last two are real!!!

great work...
your site too is great..

06 June 2003, 01:32 AM
:bounce: :applause: :buttrock: :drool: :thumbsup:

great work!

06 June 2003, 04:30 AM
Nice work, :thumbsup:
Keep post up more,

06 June 2003, 05:01 AM
:applause: :applause: :applause:

Great work!!!!!! I love the third one!!!!

06 June 2003, 05:35 AM
you have very nice work. is the SegaGT image on the webpage by you?... its very good... i love the 206 image you posted too :buttrock:

06 June 2003, 08:54 AM
nice!!!!!!! :bounce: :thumbsup:

06 June 2003, 10:36 AM

06 June 2003, 11:23 AM

06 June 2003, 11:35 AM
WOW !!
very good model and texture !!!

06 June 2003, 01:09 PM
Hi, thanks for all the great feedback, in response to some of the questions >

Raine > the Sega GT image was also done by us, everything on the site is done in-house by us.

Bigbad > We import the model from maya in .obj format, and everything is then textured in Max.

Neil > The map on the side of the car is about 4000 pixels wide, and the mesh has about half a million polys.

Bliz > You are right, the lights on the Evo aren't very good, this was down to lack of time again.

mrfsrf > the logo is centered (hopefully!) but the grill is recessed. (god bless the boards of canada!)

we will try and post up some bigger versions for desktops later! :)


06 June 2003, 07:26 PM
Yeah!!, I love rally cars! fact..... I LIKE ALL CARS!!:buttrock:

Great dirt effect :thumbsup:

06 June 2003, 10:01 PM
Let me get this straight.... the cars are half a mill polys and 4000 pixel textures (what did you mean by just the sides are...) and this is in-game?!?!

06 June 2003, 10:22 PM
of course its not in-game :rolleyes:


06 June 2003, 12:12 AM
well i thought that the point of those renders were that that's what the game is gonna look like... how many car games have FMVs?
I guess the replays at the end of races...

06 June 2003, 12:14 AM
pretty much all games have fmv's which are much better looking than the actual games

but lets not stray from the topic shall we :thumbsup:

06 June 2003, 08:51 AM
looking at their site, underneath each image it says either promo art or box art, so i guess that means the bottom one was used on the package and the others for posters and magazines etc

06 June 2003, 10:35 AM
Stunning Work especially 2nd one.

Just not sure about windscreen wiper marks on evo, would they not leave a flat edge on one side I might be wrong. Doesn't really matter though. The mud on the screen looks great.

06 June 2003, 10:41 AM
There's nothing more to say than bravo! :applause:

You have received the CGtalk choice award .Please feel free to display this image anywhere you like! Excellent work!

upon receiving this award, it guarantees you a spot in the cgtalk gallery hall of fame ( - which you are now placed

P.S. Please email me @ so I can send you the award .psd file


08 August 2003, 06:26 AM
:drool: :eek:

Jaw dropping,eye popping work! u have made a great looking car.And the environment is just awesome.I have one wish though.Can u write a tutorial or the making of this car it would be heap of help for us newbie's really,Puleeeeeeeeeeze.Now who's with me.

08 August 2003, 07:15 AM
Amazing Textures!!!!!!!!! Excellent work d00d!! Wow! :drool:

08 August 2003, 01:02 PM
I am glad he got an award. This piece really deserves!

08 August 2003, 02:37 PM
Oh!My God!
It's so nice that I don't konw how to describe it!:eek: :eek:

08 August 2003, 03:23 PM
wow texturing
very good work
how many people did this?? or it was only u

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