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09 September 2008, 09:31 PM

I'm daunted by the forshortening. If anybody knows of a good place to find foreshortening refs, I will love you forever. What I'm thinking is to have his cape resting behind his arm, but the arm looks funny.
Erm... sorry about the bright colors on the abs... that's what the face looked like too in the beginning. :blush:
Face and armor detail.

If anybody has any suggestions on making the armor look more like... gold armor... that'd be fantastic.

Any suggestions regarding anything in the picture are welcome.

09 September 2008, 10:41 PM
I've put some color into his face so he's not so washed out and pale looking. Also been working on the hair so he looks more... blonde? :p

I've also somewhat decided what I want to do with his costume.
They've modified his costume heavily for the movie... it seems they're making him seem much more dark than in the comics. The picture isn't very good either... the lighting makes his hare very bright and his complexion very pale.
I didn't want to make him quite so dark, but I didn't think molded gold leggings was what I was going for either. And I didn't want nipples on his outfit. :|

The abdomen looks funny in the movie picture, so I've been looking at this more because the anatomy seems much more... correct.
(Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt is supposed to be at peak physical condition. He's also supposed to be older, hence the shadows I put under his eyes.)

I've been able to find precious little when looking for good refs for him. I even took a screenshot from the trailer, the lighting there was very bad and made him look very tan.

This is my first time attatching a picture, so I'm not sure if I did it right. I had to make it smaller so it wouldn't exeed the size limit.
The purple is where the purple cloth will go, the yellow ochre gold color is where the gold plating will go, and everything else I'll probably make black. I think the anatomy is much closer to where I want it than it was, but I'm still not sure about the foreshortening. Also now that I have the full body drawn the head looks a little small.

EDIT: now I see the attatchment and it's not as nice a quality as I should like. next time I'll use an image hosting site and just post it.

EDIT2: Now looking at it I think I might make the legs a little shorter, feet wider apart, and the cloth under the breastplate more of a fringe, with more abs showing.

09 September 2008, 02:54 AM
So um... finished the stomach... Been going kinda slow.

I've decided to do something similar to a picture in the comics, only from a different angle, and Veidt dressed in his costume rather than a suit.

This scene only from outside. :) I might forego the ikkle action figures though. :p

Please please please critique! I don't mind if it's extraordinarily harsh. :D As long as it's true.

09 September 2008, 11:44 AM
Please please please critique! I don't mind if it's extraordinarily harsh. :D As long as it's true.Only because you asked, and are willing to take a drubbing...

This is one of those works that has good things going for it to the extent that no one really wants to critique it, because what is good, is VERY good. He has a good overall balance of form, and a handsome and visually pleasing face.

Unfortunately, the very good is quite overwhelmed by the "not so great."

The costume you are giving him is a bad amalgamation of the cartoon and the movie, with the pant legs and high top boots looking somewhat rediculous. What you are dismissing as "gold leggings," are meant to show leg muscles, which pant legs really don't...He is wearing a tunic, with a metallic cowl around his neck. You've given him some weird looking latex suit with the goofiest looking "bubble abdomen" I've ever seen. The costumes did it to play up the abdominal muscles. Your version looks like he's trying to smuggle a bunch of McDonald's PlayPlace balls home under his shirt...
You have him in one of the most static poses, short of simply standing, face forward, with his arms at his sides. He is not a plastic statue, nor is he posing for a movie still photo. Do something with him, "more like the comic." That is why the comic included 3 action poses on the desk, to offset that dead stance in the window. Since you are making so many changes, why are you placing him in this scene? And why that pose?
He looks like a young man, not mature, not older. That is rendering skill. Check the Loomis "Drawing the head and hands" for tips on how to render older people more accurately. I would darken the hair and light (blonde) the temples. That is where gray starts to noticeably show up first...

Essentially, Helenlyn, this is one of those works that is kind of a mish mash of so many contradictions, it's hard to critique, much less try to offer suggestions on how to improve it, or overcome conflicts.

It isn't an original creation, it is an attempt to copy something.
When you copy something, be it an idea or an artwork, you only really have 2 choices.
1. Copy it as faithfully and exact as you can, ONLY making those changes that clarify any visual confusion, OR
2. Copy it ONLY in the bare minimum. He would be standing in a room, looking out, but it would look nothing like the office in the comic, just as your outfit really looks nothing like the original in the comics, and not much like the one in the movie, either.

Anything in-between is ineffective, and honestly, pretty uninteresting to the average viewer, even from a purely technical standpoint, because of the lack of imagination...In Ateliers (art study schools), countless hours are spent copying original works by Great Masters. But you seldom see the copies displayed as anything but portfolio pieces to demonstrate accuracy of skill in observation and drawing...

Show me something new, different, and original, or show me a technically accurate study of an original. To take someone else's imagination, and then poorly imitate it is considered a form of flattery, but not much more. Fan Art has a VERY limited following in the world, mainly by those creating it. It is how many artists begin, copying art they admire. The point is to move past copying, into YOUR imagination of characters and settings. I think this is why you have not gotten any replies. This is why I would not have replied at all, except for your request.


09 September 2008, 05:44 PM
Ah... thank you. I usually steer clear of fanart. Actually it's a bad habit of mine to not think through any of my art pieces. Thus the pieces that turn out good are only that way because of accident.

Thank you for your critique... it's made me realize that before I go any farther with this I'm going to have to put some serious thought into what I want the final result to be.

At this point I think I'll turn it into a study of the original and finish it quickly so I can move onto more creative pieces before I lose interest.

09 September 2008, 06:47 PM
Excellent call.

Many works not thought out to begin with quickly become an albatross that needs so much re-work, you oftentimes lose interest and abandon it, which only teaches you bad habits about finishing what you start...

Bring it to a point of completion, where it does not look too loosely scribbled in, and then move on to your next work. Hopefully, you have learned something from this, and should you revisit the subject again, you will have a different approach in mind.


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