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08 August 2008, 05:16 PM
VirtualRender is yet another LightWave renderer. The difference from other solutions is that it does not use physical memory for framebuffer allowing to render the biggest imaginable scenes without using virtual memory, which slow down rendering a lot, or which immediately result in complete failure at initialization stage. That's why it's called "virtual" - rendered regions are saved immediately to hard disk without unnecessary taking memory during rendering rest of image.


VirtualRender is the first LightWave bucket renderer that splits framebuffer to small, user definable size regions. Each render node in your renderfarm now can work on the same frame of image telling other nodes which regions are in progress and which are rendered, and at the end there is done composition of all rendered regions into one with unlimited resolution, limitted only by available hard disk space. We were successfully rendering scenes with dual ScreamerNet setup on single machine which was taking 110 MB each node, 220 MB both, at resolution 16384x16384. LightWave renderer even failed to initialize. At 640x480 this scene was eating 800 MB of memory.


* render any resolution images, limitted only by available space of your hard disk.
* using complete renderfarm power into rendering complex single test frame quicker than traditional F9. Use your renderfarm also in production instead of just final animation render!
* saving memory usage, reducing pagefile swap and rendering quicker.
* rendering scenes that normally failed to init due to lack of memory.
* rendering can be break and resumed at later time. As long as, scene is untouched and control folder was not flushed.
* supporting volumetrics like HyperVoxels.
* does not support pixel-filters and image-filters due to LW SDK limits. For the same reason as other 3rd party renderers.
* working with ScreamerNet renderfarms, couple Layout instances on single or couple machines, or other LWSN based render controllers, such as ButterflyNetRender.
* supporting external renderers. Currently it supports Kray. Added in v1.5.

Each yellow field in preview area is different computer on Erwin's renderfarm (40 machines):

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08 August 2008, 05:16 PM
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