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04 April 2002, 10:58 PM
This is a group project. I am handling the texture part. need some advice. :) :) :)

04 April 2002, 08:36 PM

Major update: smooth out most of the noise of the whole texture, added folds around the head, fixed the color of the nose, lip. eye brow added, Lower the specular, bumps.

One thing that i should mention is that this character is the Scarecrow from "Wizard of Oz"

04 April 2002, 09:08 PM
whoa thats spooky, I was looking at the old pic then I saw the new one and though, hmm that looks like the scarecrow from wizard of oz. Then I read your post and thats who it is. Shows you're doing a good job.
The nose still looks a bit smooth, and I think the colour should be a bit more mottled (blotchy). The only other thing I can think of is the bottom lip is maybe too creased.
But excellent work none the less.

04 April 2002, 09:35 PM
the redness makes the nose look detached in the last pic.. perhaps a smoother transition or less contrast? subtlety rox. :D

great job thusfar!

05 May 2002, 08:10 PM
looks like the main problem is only targetting on the nose, good stuff. Thanks for advice, i will post a correction soon.

05 May 2002, 04:33 PM
here is another update

fixed the nose

05 May 2002, 09:04 PM
Thanks for spelling 'advice' correctly. Looks cool!

05 May 2002, 03:06 AM
:) great image so far, here are some things that may help.

1) try adding some diffusion to the eyes, they are too white, which is part of the creapiness. They really ping when I look at it on my TV.

2) Have you ever used Specular maps, this will help to prevent the image from looking flat, as it allows you to control the colour of specularity in specific areas.

3)try using a slight hint of colour in your lights of with either Yellow green or blue, and add a slight blue or even greenish blue into your shadw (keeps these very slight) That will help to make things llok more natural. (there is no such natural thing as true white light)

Hope that helps and I'll offer anything else when you update the image. This is just advice not right answers.

05 May 2002, 08:50 AM
Another suggestion - add blueish tones under his eyes - that will make him look far creepier :drool:

Otherwise, what great work!!! Awesome stuff, HapZungLam :applause:

05 May 2002, 04:43 PM
I am happy to hear advices from you guys.

Kaiskai: I will work on that. However, I am not quite know how to use a specular map. I am working on a spec map but when i put it on him, it just never look right. So i rather get it off "from now". I am waiting for Leigh to post another further tutorial about texturing. I hope that Part II will cover the use of specular. well, i mean, how to creat a spec map.

Leigh: I am looking forward to your tutorials!!!:)

05 May 2002, 09:25 AM
Hey there HapZungLam (is that really your name? :hmm: )
Ummm, actually Part II is going to be about how UV Unwrapping, and then Colour Maps. So.... post what you have so far for your spec map, and I'll help you from there :)
Here is a rough idea of how I would start (I hope you don't mind that I altered your image). Just have a look at how and where a face is shiny - you'll see that I have made the tip of the nose, the lips, and around the eyes shinier, because skin is usually shinier in those areas because the skin there is smoother.
Also, add detail from your bump map to the specular.
A tip: get rid of the ambient light in your scene, it makes things look a little flat...
By the way, what software are you using?

05 May 2002, 04:57 PM
Leigh: thanks for helping. I get the idea of spec map now. I am using XSI 2.01.

"HapZungLam" isn't my real name. yea, HapZungLam sounds like a korean name(many of my friends ask me to change this stupid code name), but i am a chinese who is living in toronto. "Hap" this name was basically an english translation of a chinese name that i made up by myself. By the time i was 15, i was about to write a chinese novel (well, i gave up at the end when i finished writing the first half of the first chapter):p. I made up a chinese author name of myself for this book.

At that time, i know about internet. While i serve around and sign up alot of free stuff. I was making up names. However, most of the name are already been used. That's why i use this stupid name as my code name, since there has no one will use it.

05 May 2002, 05:43 PM

- added a rough spec map

- killed the ambient light

- added 1 major light as yellow, shadow light as blue

- added a little blueish to the eye map (i am not sure is that what you guys mean, but it is very hard to get the creepy look of the eye. Which drives me crazy. should i add another noise bump map to the edge of the eye to make it creepy? i don't know if it works)

Joel Hooks
05 May 2002, 05:51 PM
Major improvement!

If the head is actually a cloth sack, shouldn't it have some rough burlap/cloth texture?

05 May 2002, 06:11 PM
yes, for sure. but i am looking for that kind of fabric metrial to these days. Once i have it, i'll scan it and map it on.

05 May 2002, 04:22 PM
Finally finish texturing the clothes. :D

lowdown: this time, i have fabric texture :)

05 May 2002, 02:31 PM
Hey again
Your clothes look great :thumbsup: What could be cool is to add some sewn on patches in places with lots of cool stitches and seams :bounce: make him look more like he is made from old scraps... just a thought :) Maybe make him look like he has been repaired a couple of times??

Also, the bump map on the face looks a bit strange. Actually, I'll tell you exactly what it looks like to me: the bump on the forhead looks like damp clay that someone wearing cotton clothing has been leaning on. It's left that exact pattern!
I think the image you are using as a bump map is too small :surprised it's causing it to become blurry and rasterised...

05 May 2002, 10:28 PM
After seeing the pictures you have up. I looked up pictures of the scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz" The only thing I can see missing is the rope around his neck. Other than that it looks awesome! :thumbsup:

05 May 2002, 03:35 PM
Yap, this si what i am working on it.

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