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04 April 2002, 08:56 PM

I'm using Max 4 (Leigh's favorite software :p ). I'm creating a model of a guy using box modelling and eventually I want to take him into sub-division. Currently, I'm creating one side of the model (still have some tweaking to do on the polygons). I'm going to mirror it and stitch him up.

My question is should I unwrap the model and texture it before I mirror? Should I wait until I'm completely finished sub-dividing the model and perfected the geometry before I unwrap and texture? It seems like if I unwrap now and then subdivide later that I'll have to do all of the unwrapping again because the geometry changed. Is that correct?

I know that these are newbie questions. I've done some texturing, but not enough to be entirely comfortable with the process. Thanks for the help.

I've included pictures of the mirrored model below-

04 April 2002, 09:33 PM
I would suggest unwrapping it only once you have mirrored it. Texturing should only ever be done once the model is completely finished. :)
Always try and complete one step before moving to the next. :thumbsup:

04 April 2002, 12:14 AM
Could someone explain to me what the unwrapping process is? Is it just to remove the entire surface of a model and use this "template" to texture and then replace it on the model? Is it as simple as that? If it is, then I now understand how people do those weird ripped off textures I see everywhere... Thx!

04 April 2002, 12:25 AM
UV Unwrapping is a process where the polys are translated into a 2D template that you take into Photoshop and use as the base for your textures :) You can unwrap things along a variety of co-ordinates - spherical, planar, cylindrical, or atlas (which is where the polys are flattened in such away that the texture you paint onto it remains constantly perpendicular to the face normals of the object)
It's a bit tricky though, because there are little annoying things about it that you need to get around. I will be dealing with these later on in my workshops :)

04 April 2002, 12:59 PM
Hi guys,

Great advice so far Leigh (Are you really in Cape Town? Must be great!).

I had a similar problem for a model on a job I was working on. Do I unwrap before or after.

I allways unwrap my models by hand. Sounds painfull but it gives me the most control.

What I did might help you out so here it goes. Might be impossible without pictures but I'll give it a go. (This is Max 4 specific)

1. Complete the half of your model.

2. Make a copy of this and unwrap it (push and pull the verts and faces, etc, etc).

3. Make a mirror copy.

4. Attach this mirror to your first copy so they are part of the same mesh (sub-obect level). IMPORTANT: Remember the order that you selected and which was attached to which. Write this down!

5. Using vertex snapping, move the models together so the verts snap to each other on the side that they both share.

6. Apply a planer map.

7. Go back to your un-altered model from the begining.

8. Mirror it and attach exactly the same as you did the unwrapped version.

9. If all went well. This is now a morph target for your unwrapped version.

10. Morph back to the shape of your model.

11. Celebrate!:buttrock:


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