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08 August 2008, 05:22 PM
So whats the most common technique? I have 3D max, Hammer (know not much about it) and Unreal editor (know the basics did some minor mapping). Should i make my terrain in these editors? Or within 3D max? Or is it just a personal preference?

What i actually want is having for example, my rock texture flow over in snow. And paths into mud then to grass. And overal break the texture patern.

So whats up with this vertex painting? Tried it out, but it seems that i need a lot of vertexes to get a nice result and you i don't have much controll over it. I need to add loads of polygons to get a nice result that would not be that bad but still ist's a waste of polies on the terrain.

Masking is a realy good option, but if you want to apply 10 textures on a pretty big terrain all those masks get realy confusing. Plus if using this on a lage terrain it needs realy big masks textures, or the problem to break and allign them all. I beleve this is what game editors use but you can just paint away. Any plug ins or external programs to load in a terrain mesh then generate these masks?

So whats used most and or what gives me good controll while still is fairly easy to handle? Any other options or different directions to do this? I am strugling with this for to much time there must be a good solution to this.


08 August 2008, 06:38 PM
3ds max doesnt really have a good terrain engine, there are ways of doing it but then exporting what you did into a game would not really work. However hammer and unreal both have built in terrain engines that are very good. Generally you make the terrain In engine rather than exporting it. Google "unreal terrain tutorials".

08 August 2008, 07:19 PM
Thanks, guess i should learn that software better. only did some "indoor stuff" but making a skybox and some terrain wouldn't be that difficult. Would there be any option to export the terrain to max so i can fit my buildings to the terrain or should that be calculated?

08 August 2008, 02:12 PM
As 'Laughing Bun' says - terrain (for open expansive environments) would be sculpted, textured lit and exported in a bespoke terrain editor rather than Max. (MAX/Maya are abysmal for large terrains BTW).

The typical process would be for a level artist to sculpt out the terrain shapes (valley/hills) and then apply layers of height ordered textures (say deep mud, soil, grass, and snow). The artist would then 'paint' on masks between the layers, light it and export it into game.

Unreal has some good stuff but a viable alternative is the Torque Indie toolkit from garage games. Unlike the Unreal engine it is designed for large expansive terrains, its not as pretty as Unreal stuff but not bad at all.

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