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08 August 2008, 01:05 AM
Lightwave has a feature called 'align to path' selectable on each rotational channel. It will then align the object's orientation based on the object's path. For example, take a car object and move it around on an x/z path. The 'align to path' feature will point the car's heading so it always remains pointed in the right direction. Is there a similar automated feature in Messiah?

08 August 2008, 07:59 AM
Here's a simple example. Make two nulls, Driver and Follower, then add these two expressions:


Or download attached .fxs file with same thing plus procedural cone for visual help.

08 August 2008, 08:44 AM
You can also use the TargetTime expression.
If you make the target object the same as the source object and set time to NOW+1, it will point at where itself will be one frame from now. I don't think the blend object thing works (at least I couldn't see any immediate effect earlier) so any object name should work there.
You may need to create a computed keyframe for the item at the end of it's path.

08 August 2008, 04:35 PM
Bingo! Thanks Vegard. That's the type of approach I was looking for. Thanks to Peksi as well. I'd figured that approach out and had it planned as my backup method if I couldn't find a more efficient method.

Great work guys! Thanks.

08 August 2008, 02:03 AM
You can also try using flexmotion-bones-parenting. Flexmotion is good for deforming things along a curve but if you just attach your object to one of the bones it would look like it is following the curve. The onyl thing is the the curve is a predetermined curve unlike keyframing path.

here is how it would look like

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08 August 2008, 02:03 AM
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