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06 June 2003, 07:37 AM
i did this i got my hand all setup, i selected my locator with all the drivers for the hand, then the hand and duplicated with input graph on. that works but now i have to flip the hand. i grouped the 2 objects scaled in -x that worked but it wasnt about till i was totally done with weighting my character that i notcied alot of odd things happending to that hand. like for me to connect it to my mirrored arm i had to deleted the joint under the elbow and then i parented my copied hand to the elbow. that worked but when i tried ungrouping of course everything goes nuts. any ideas on how to do this safely?

06 June 2003, 09:14 PM
Originally posted by Levitateme
[...] tried ungrouping of course everything goes nuts. any ideas on how to do this safely?

Negative scaling joints is a bad idea, as the coordinate system of the inverse joints is no longer "well-behaved" (right handed xyz).
That might lead to weird behaviours with iks and most likely other things.
If you need to scale negatively do it on a group node thatīs a parent to the joints and keep that group in your rig. But there can still be problems, I suppose.

The right way would be to redo the arm, using mirror joint tool and redo the SDKs (try to write a script for that, learn mel ) ;)

Btw, instead of duplicating with up/downstream nodes on, you could try exporting the arm and importing it again, so you have 2 arms in your scene. I prefer that method, because I have more control than duplicating every up/downstream node (you can even export, tweak the exported scene, delete some stuff, then reimport optimized arm)


06 June 2003, 04:42 AM
yah i thought about exporting the arm for exp, but then i would have to have it going in the -x direction again, that is still a problem. thanks for your tips though.

06 June 2003, 10:30 AM
yeah, I had a problem with this a while back.

I exported the arm from the CollarJoint down and grouped the lot. I then scaled this group in -1 saved the scene and imported it back into the character scene parenting it accordingly to the same joint the OTHER CollarJoint was attached to!

NOTE: the group node cannot move from globalZero!!!! When you start IKing up, if this node is off the globalZero it cocks up! At least thats my experience!

As for IKing the hand afterward, I remember having to adjust a parameter in the IK tools controls. I was using the IK_RotatePlaneSolver at the time and when I attached it to the arm it messed it right up. HOWEVER, amending the 'TWIST' parameter in the channelbox to 180 fixed this problem fine!

From that point on, I parented the IKhandle under a locator which had on the sliders I needed for my finger animation and I were laughin!

hope this helps, as I mentioned these are only things that worked for me, you've probably sussed it now!

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