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06 June 2003, 09:41 PM
Hey guys,

At the moment I've created a skeleton for a basic two legged character. I'm trying to apply an IKscsolver from the hip joint to the ankle joint.

However, the second I do that, the entire leg all of a sudden shifts from facing foward to 90 degrees to the right. I can't figure it out, at first I thought maybe joint rotations were off, but even when I change them I can't get the leg in the correct place. However one curious thing to note is if under the Attribute Editor, if I change it to a RPsolver, the leg moves as it should, and it immediately snaps back the the "correct" forward position.

I go make a leg with joints in 4.5, and apply SCsolver, and it all works fine. I go and do the EXACT same thing in 5.0 and it freaks out. **update- i've found out that if I go under skeleton and turn off enable IFKF control.. that is will control as normal. Although could someone explain to me what that is and why it's now allowing it to "work"?

However, when it works, when i do the SCsolver, inside my skeletal structure.... there is placed a new one...a black on... and then where the handle is .. .it seems to be have bunch up letters. does anyone know what's going on and what it all means?

06 June 2003, 07:08 AM
Hmm, well not sure why it works in 4.5 but not 5, but it sounds like you have the local rotation of the joints messed up. Select your joints then go into component mode and click the "?" button. You should have the X avis pointing down the bone and have all your Z and Y's pointing the same direction.

Or you could try right clicking on the bones the doing Set Preferred angle. That usually helps when joints go whacky.

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