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06 June 2003, 04:09 AM
just finished my first 3 min animation and i had a shocking time because firstly i didnt set the rig up properly because of my deadline which caused many problems in the long run.

im about to start on a personaly short 5 minute demo reel/ character animation demo and I looking at creating a good character with an awesome rig beneath him.

So getting to the point, in the creation process is there a method of design for the actual cage of the model where polys need to be weakened (less polys) and areas where they need to be strengthened(more polys) like a division of the character and a flow of the cage even before you rig it so that it will hold its form the best and have good deforms during animation?

Whats a good dynamic rig setup that offers quick but strong manipulation of the model?

And this is more of an animation/rigging question, is it possible to have like a morph target when you bend an arm and the bicep swells or you move your shoulders and your shoulderbalds can be seen moving..ect (thats not as important as the actualy rig itself)

If your reading this and struggling to understand just write a quick one saying you dont understand so i can be more spefic

06 June 2003, 01:35 AM
Hey redstagg16,

To answer your question about modeling for animation. Its definitely an important part of the process. Areas that are going to deform more, definitely need to have more detail, but not way too much detail. You should also use the method of modeling called edge looping. Im sure if you read here in the modeling section you'll find some info on it. Basically, with edge looping, you create loops that follow the real definition of the body and face, that way when you deform the model, it deforms more realistically, you also get cleaner models. (I dont have as good an understanding of edge looping as people like Bay Raitt, so you should ask around:cry:)

In order to setup a dynamic rig, you should probably go and get some tutorials. Its way to complicated to just explain in a thread. There are plenty of tutorials that breakdown full rigs. You should also consider buying Jason Schleifer's Rigging DVD's if you're really serious about rigging. (This is assuming you are a Maya user)

With muscle bulges and stuff, blendshapes is definitely a good way to do it, or by using influence objects. Either way yields good results, its really just a question of which you find easier to setup and which is less CPU intensive. (This is also assuming you are a Maya user (You should have specified in your post :argh:

Hope this helps you. Later!!!

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