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04 April 2002, 03:02 AM
Let Me Have It

igor popovic
04 April 2002, 04:58 AM
hmm....looking good, but i have to look really hard to see anything!:)
how about a bigger pic??:bounce:

Damien B
04 April 2002, 05:35 AM
I like your texturing but this rendering needs stones rocks
and cracks for a quick cheat for rocks every where use
metaparticls and use a shandlier lighting system

outdoor scens are the hardest well keep it up
you have a good start

04 April 2002, 07:07 AM
nice work, but is it me or does the red car look like it is not quite on the ground properly:shrug:

04 April 2002, 12:07 PM
:thumbsup: Nice!

Agree with previous post: Red car looks strange.. Kinda har to see when its such a small image, though...

04 April 2002, 01:56 PM
Macgyver would be proud to live there!

eric P
04 April 2002, 06:54 PM
Maybe you must check your lighting,(lower ambient light,give a direction to your light)ambient light is to flat.what kind of software do you use? nice set keep on working.

like the ripper(midiclorian) use to say,"observation is the key":buttrock:

04 April 2002, 07:31 PM
What form of light is shandlier lighting system ??????
I don't know of this system or at least the name ????

04 April 2002, 02:30 AM
off to the left it looks as though your trees are levitating. Also, you may want to make the trees toward the top of the mountain alot smaller or just take them out all together.

04 April 2002, 02:37 AM
How about this composite look any better????
Let me know what you think. Next I will add reflections and better shadows to the scene and possilble some furn. on the inside so you can see it through the windows.

And maybe if my buddy Edgemaster 6661 will Finish his part we can really show off.

Joel Hooks
04 April 2002, 02:59 AM
It doesn't go very far to resembling adobe (the brick not the prog! :wise:) It seems like the surface has extremely sharp edges with no surface texturing to create interest.

It's a good looking image though. That's just what jumped out as an area for improvement.

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