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08-05-2008, 02:22 PM
I am having trouble getting my head around what should surley be a simple operation achieveable in Particle Flow.

Basically I have some simple geometry with a multi/sub-object material applied, then using position op ive got particles being generated on the surface and a shape op to give them spehrical shape.

I have a defelctor that moves though the geomtery and using a collision test and a speed by icon op along with a path contraint, they move along the spline around the room. I am happy with my motion and geometry.

My issue arises when trying to get the particle to inherit the material from the emitter. I have worked through bobo's tutorial and script operator "Inherit Texel Color From Emitter (http://www.scriptspot.com/bobo/mxs5/pflow/pflow__inherit_UV.htm)", which works up to the point of the collision test to the speed by icon. However in the new event the material is lost.

I am aware that orbaz box#1 has an operator that may solve this but i cant get it to render in the evaluation version and unfortunatly the budget for this project is hardly covering my costs let alone the cost of purchasing Box #1, hense I want to find a work around.

If anyone could shed some light on how I could set the particle material globally from the emitter, that would be awesome.

much thanks for any help given


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08-05-2008, 02:22 PM
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