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08 August 2008, 10:12 PM
Hi all, this is a project iam working on in my summer break to go back and show my tutor in September.

The idea:

After a chat with my tutor he allowed me to make an animation involving characters. So iv decided to make a game teaser; reason why its a teaser and not a game trailer is because a game trailer doesnt have as much animation and detail in them normally just showing game play where as a game teaser normal has animation of some kind. (i no this because i did research on it)

This is a game teaser i like because it doesn't tell you anything but has a small story leaving u wanting more! this is my favorite out of all

My animation:

my idea for the animation is a girl walking though woods, with some once upon a time type of tune with voice over saying stuff todo with the storyline.
As the voice over is telling storyline the girl walk towards the camera (maybe have some different angles) and pick up either a book or a leaf (cant decided)
then have burn away as the book/flower is picked up and say game release 2008

So far i haven't made a storyboard but i promise one will be here before i start animation lol

i have done some concept art of the girl (told to draw her naked because its meant to be harder the model will have clothes).

This is what i have modeled so far (having trouble with the breasts they just dont seem to wanan go into shape :eek: ) :

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08 August 2008, 10:12 PM
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