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08 August 2008, 11:44 PM
New York, NY -- (July 31, 2008) – Mother New York recently called upon Riot to complete VFX for a series of hilarious spots promoting the airing of The Star Wars films on Spike TV. The spots feature legendary Star Wars characters (i.e. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Ewoks and Tusken Raiders) consorting with every-day men on planet Earth. Each spot ends with comical twists on Jedi proverbs before concluding with “there is much to be learned.”

To view the promo campaign, go to:

The first spot entitled “Golf” features the infamous Star Wars antagonist Darth Vader taking a swing at the links. A friendly wager on a putt goes awry after Darth uses a little Jedi mind trick to steer the ball into the hole. One golfer shouts, refusing to pay-up after realizing he’s been outwitted by the Dark Side. Finding the accusation intolerable, Darth puts the man in a Sith stranglehold. Another golfer comes flailing to the rescue with a golf club, but recoils when Darth pulls out the ominous Lightsaber. The spot ends with some comical Jedi wisdom: “Competition can bring out a guy’s dark side.”

The second spot pairs an Ewok with man’s best friend. Set in a park, an unsuspecting twenty-something is reading the newspaper on a park bench when a tennis ball rolls by his feet; chasing after the ball is a cuddly Ewok! The man picks up the tennis ball and says to the Ewok, “Hey little puppy.” Unknowingly patronizing the furry warrior he asks, “Want your ball?” The Ewok swipes and jumps for the ball, which only encourages the man to juke the Ewok and play keep-away before tossing it into the woods. Finally, the exasperated Ewok pulls out its slingshot and lands a rock right between the man’s eyes. The spot ends with a little Jedi wisdom: “Never assume cute means harmless.”


Mother New York:
Linus Karlsson Creative Director
Paul Malmstrom Creative Director
Renee Rauchut Mother
Michael Aaron Producer
Greg Hunter Copywriter
Allon Tatarka Copywriter
Mat Driscoll Art Director
Rob Baird Art Director

H.S.I. Productions:
Ryan Ebner Director
Michael McQuhae Executive Producer
Alison Foster Producer
Stöps Langensteiner Director of Photography

Riot/New York:
Brent Holt Executive Producer
D. Todd Davidovich Executive Producer
Peter Stanik Producer
Cris Blyth On Set VFX Supervisor
Tom McCullough Lead VFX Artist
Matt Reilly VFX artist
Chris Hunt Junior VFX Artist
Steve Morris Junior VFX Artist
Chris Wiseman Junior VXF Artist
Christopher “Pink” Bonnstetter CG Supervisor

Cosmo Street:
Amy Febinger Producer
Jason McDonald Editor
Aaron Langley Editor

Company 3, New York:
Tim Masick Colorist
Tara Dowd Producer

Sound Lounge:
Jodi Levine Audio Mixer
Pat Christensen Audio Mixer
Marshall Grupp Sound Designer

About RIOT:
RIOT is a creative studio with unparalleled resources – virtually unmatched both creatively and technologically. The RIOT team dedicates itself to attentive creative collaboration, approaching each project holistically, drawing upon a deep knowledge of visual effects, color correction and live action experience.

Recent feature film credits for RIOT include: Time Traveler’s Wife, The Spirit and Jumper, and currently finishing 17. Commercial campaigns and music videos recently completed at RIOT include spots for Target, MGM Grand, Burger King, Spike TV and Nike.

For more information, please contact RIOT/New York: Todd Davidovich and Brent Holt (212) 907-1200; RIOT/Los Angeles: Matthew McManus (310) 434-6000; and RIOT/Atlanta: Buddy Hall (404) 237-9937.

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