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07 July 2008, 08:19 PM
This a thread for those who wish to keep up to date on the going ons of the conference via blogs, and video pod-casts DURING the conference.

So tell us, what are you interested in reading/watching..

Interviews? Whom should be profiled? What would you ask them?
Product profiles? Previews?
Company profiles? conference tib-bits? mini docs?
Man on the street comments?
Looking forward to your comments.

08 August 2008, 11:14 AM
No one's posted here? Incase it's not to late:

Interview Blizzard, Digital Domain and Luxology.

What makes you different from competitors?
What does it take to be an employee? Specifically for artists :) Focused or Generalized skills.

Course grill them all on upcoming games, movies and technology.

Man on the street.

If they've gone to siggraph last year?
What the difference is?
What events are they looking forward to?
And/Or what events did they like?

08 August 2008, 11:15 AM
Course film anything you can and post it here the night you get it :D

08 August 2008, 11:19 AM
And for fun if you want, do a timelapse walk around of the convention center, point out Fjorg, the expo area, job center, tech center ect. That might be neat.k think i'm done talking for now

08 August 2008, 05:42 PM
Well... I will have two pictures of my works printed in a board at Zbrush's Booth. I live in the other side of the world... :shrug: ... can you take a photo of the printed boards, please? :blush:
I will be really happy if I can put them in my resume...

Thanks and hugs,

08 August 2008, 05:59 PM
autodesk are having a virtual booth

Virtual Siggraph
Can't make it to Siggraph this year? Then check out Autodesk's Virtual Siggraph here on the AREA. We'll be streaming live video of our User Group and all of the presentations on the big screen at our booth as they happen. It's just like being at the show except you can do it in your PJ's (oh and we don't deliver any alcohol to your home either). Just tune in here when the countdown timer hits zero at 6:30 pm PST on August 11th to see Siggraph begin with a bang at our User Group. Be sure to check for updates - leading up to and during the show. In fact, register for an RSS feed just to the left of this text and be notified of any changes as they happen.

08 August 2008, 07:10 PM
I work for GameSpot, and we do a live show at E3 every year.

Obviously, content creation doesn't have as large an audience as video games, so it'd be hard to do 28 hours of live coverage, but we do a format that consists of in studio product demonstrations interspersed with on the show floor segments. This format seems to work pretty well.

to see what we do, check it out here:;live

It'd be cool if CGtalk could produce an hour long show, probably pre-taped just because it's a lot easier, in a similar format.

I'm actually surprised that no-one's doing this already.

08 August 2008, 11:45 AM
what i want personally is just info on whats on the display/talked about on the conferance:) what did they say in the sessions, what new products where shows? what where the new features? what new hardware? what was the specs on that hardware? new tehnologies?

interviews with the people making the things, whats coming up in the future? thats whats the conferenace is about so reporting that is a good idea :)

also, someone please talk to amd about gpu raytracing.. :)

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08 August 2008, 11:45 AM
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