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07 July 2008, 12:44 AM
Hello to everyone,

First off, I would like to say I'm shocked!! The quality of the designers, composers, artists, animators, modelers, and everyone here in this community is on a level I can't find words to describe. I'm impressed. I was searching for a place where I can find good individual 3d animators, I definitely hit the jackpot. Things I saw here left me with wide open eyes and open mouth.

About my project: A Developer/Designer community platform. That's all I can say in public before it's online. It's a non-profit project, absolutely free to register, have a portfolio, post tutorials, articles, news, reviews, etc.
Almost everything in the project is going to be sponsored by a big IT name in my country.

Now, we have the chance to show a TV ad on the most popular TV channel in my country.
So, I need to find designers to make a TV ad, in 3D, that is going to be watched by ~2mil people every day.

I need people with a good imagination and sence for techy, sci-fi scenes, characters, and animation.

This is starting out as a free project, BUT, there are possibilities for profits in future and extending the project. If that happens, the designers are #1 on the list that I would reward their work with both hands.

I'm looking for friendly, open-minded, positive, creative people. Not someone that has the "just get the job done" attitude, or is just after money. I want people that get filled with inspiration and enthusiasm when they know their work is being watched by 2mil people at least once a day.

Thanks for taking time to read my post, If you are interested you can contact me via the forum, or MSN:

07 July 2008, 02:25 AM
There is interest coming from PMs. I decided to post my idea for the ad, so maybe we get someone inspired and get a sketch :)

My idea is a small robot (small=humanoid but a little... dwarf-type body proportions), the robot must be high-detail, blue/white relaxing coloring, and very techy. It needs to have normal attitude, not too angry, not too "cute". so it stands, any entry animation is up to the designer, in a "ready position" like it's gonna act any time. the camera goes around him, analysing him in that "army vehicle analyze techy" style, but without that split on the screen in 3 angles with wireframes, just the robot in the middle, camera goes around him, goes fast-motion, slows in very slow motion, parts of the robot get highlighted (or isolated, detailed out, wireframes, the "inside look", I leave this to the artist), and those small techy windows appear everywhere (like analyzing the robot), and there's a techy text in the bottom left fading in, showing "Design" for example. The camera goes around fast again and slows down again for every category. Now, the idea is to have all categories on the site presented, the site is going to be about all areas, so we make that robot built as a one whole construction, from all of these different areas. We highlight his mask/colors/outer looks parts and we show "Design", we highlight his armor, his shields, we show "Security", we "analyse his head", there are small techy windows with code all over the screen, we show "Programming", these are just examples, there are many combinations, with only good imagination :)

Style examples:

For the color scheme, neon blue with white:

For the techy texts, lines, interface:

I really like this robot (It's good but needs a little more detail):

And I really like the details on this robots legs:

Ofcource, those details are for the "inside", over them there is a "mask" (armor?) and when we analyse those details come out.

Yeah, you probably guessed these robots are very often used in flash :D

That's about the idea, Hope I get someone inspired :)


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07 July 2008, 02:25 AM
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