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07 July 2008, 10:35 AM
I wander for newbie, what kind of surface you use to make hard surface model like props, maybe like fridge or sumthin like that. Need little comment.
Thank you for your time.

07 July 2008, 12:39 PM
Polygon is the probably the easiest way to go for hard surfaces because its relatively easy to move and extrude faces, edges or vertices.

Once you're happy with the result you can convert it to SubD.

Nurbs can be used for curvacious objects such as European cars and creatures.

Sub-D is really the best of both worlds. It offers the easy to use polygon tools with the added benefit of smoothing from Nurbs.

All depends on your workflow and style.

07 July 2008, 12:54 PM
Thanks, I've tried but it is a bit harder to texture when you work with poly isn't it?

08 August 2008, 10:46 AM
All surfaces have their ups and downs.

I would say you have more control over texturing with polys but yes, it requires more setup (ie uv mapping).

I would practice with both and only when you work with them will you understand when it is best for you to use whatever surface. It usually comes down to your preference or rather your boss's preference.

08 August 2008, 07:04 PM
Modern Fridge = Polys/Sub-D

Sleek 1950's Fridge = NURBS/Sub-D

It always depends on the project. Personally I think NURBS isn't what it used to be. With Sub-D modeling and things like poly sculpting apps, NURBS isn't needed as much. However, I find NURBS essential to modeling cars, and things that need smooth curves.

08 August 2008, 02:10 AM
Thank you.
Great feedback.

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