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05 May 2003, 12:00 AM

Submissions only.
Only Judges will post their comments along with their scores.
Please make all images no larger than 800x600
Post the following info along with your entry

1.) Describe the model. Who is it and what fairy tale is he/she/it from? Etc.
Background info you think that we'd find interesting. Then give us the numbers (specs):
Texture resolution
Number of maps used

2.) Reference Images used. Post at least 1 image. If you used more and would to share those, too, then give us a URL link so the thread doesn't get clogged.

3.) 3 Orthogonal views of the flat-shaded (non-smooth) model with wireframe. A screenshot from any 3 of the following views will work front/back/side/perspective.
NOTE: Make sure you hide anything in the scene that might obscure the view of your model. And make sure that only the default viewport light is lighting the scene. No fancy pants colored lights!

4.) 3 Perspective shots of your smooth shaded model with textures applied.

5.) Show us the texture(s) for the character. Along with the actual UVW wireframes. Give us the color map(s) and the alpha map(s).

6.) Money shot. Show us what you've got and make it as pretty as you can. Posing, fancy lights, creating a set, etc, etc.

Judging will be based on the following:

Polygon density/topology - How well are the polies used? Are certain areas higher/lower poly than others?

UVW Mapping - Good use of texture space? And is the texture resolution justified? Any strange stretchin/warping visible on the model?

Texturing - How much of the work does the texture do? Is it painted well?

Appeal - How does the end result look? Was it executed well? Both technically and aesthetically.

If any of the judges want to add more comments, feel freeeeee.


Judges are:
1.) bentllama
2.) TPE
3.) Da Krunch
4.) Harlequin
5.) Temporal
6.) Hellwolve
7.) Prs-Phil
8.) moosedroppings
9.) SouL

Judging will take place between June 2nd and June 6th with the winner announced that weekend. I know everyone is very busy (I know I will be very soon) so we all have 1 week to judge the entries.

If I missed anything, give me a smack and I'll fix it.

Good luck!

05 May 2003, 08:18 AM
This is Sirenetta from Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, "The Little Mermaid". For my wicked version, the mermaid is a predator. She's gone dark and evil. You'll usually find her in the company of sharks. She waits for a handsome prince to sail to her, so she can drag him under the sea for her own pleasure just before making him a meal for her shark friends. Don't fall out of the rowboat.

1. Polycount: 2018, Texture: 512 x 512 bitmap

2. References used:

3. Flat-shaded wireframe views:
Ortho View 1 (
Ortho View 2 (

4. Perspective with texture:

5. Texture Map and Wire:
UVW Map (

6. Here's the money shot!:thumbsup:

05 May 2003, 11:20 AM
Modelling/Unwrapping/Posing: DrAdamDinosaur
Concept/Texturing: Rikrog

These are the characters from the fairy tale "The three billygoats gruff".

The story is about three goats who wants to get from one side of the bridge to the other because there is food on the other side. In the story the troll wanted to eat the goats. In our version, the troll wants to be left alone while the goats are the one looking for trouble.

I am still receiing files so I may have to update this submission. Hopefully they come before the deadline. The father may not be finished in time

Poly counts:

Troll: 1032
Baby Goat: 650
Mother goat: 752
Father Goat: 630
Bridge/Scene: 424
Total: 3488

All have a 256x256 map. Yes I know that works out to one map to many. If this is a problem then don't worry about the father goat.


Mother Views (


Troll Wires (
Baby Goat Wires (
Mother Goat Wires (
Father Goat Wires (
Bridge Wires (


Here is the troll texture + alpha and the textures for the mother and baby goat.

UV Layouts

TrollUV (
Baby UV (
Mother UV (
Bridge UV (
Father UV (

The Money Shot

didn't really have time to work on this section but I hope these will do. I haven't received the bridge texture file yet but when I do I will update the picture.
Money Part2 (
Money Part3 (

05 May 2003, 03:01 PM
Im coming wait for me!!!

I think I'm about 5 minutes past the due time, oops. Oh well heres a taster just to say I actually did do it while I try fix my damn server!! Its not letting me load anymore pics :(

uvw mapping

All created myself.

Criteria 01: Background - Alice in Wonderland.

While drinking heavily at one of the Mad Hatters wild parties someone spiked the twins drinks with a little sometihng and decide it would be fun to have a game of stitch the arm on the wrong twin. Needless to say both Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are a little distraught. :twisted:

Submission model has 3992 Polygons (tris).
4 x 256 x 256 texture maps no alpha used.

Criteria 02: Concept/reference.

Criteria 03: Orthographics.

Criteria 04: Perspective.
- enough images on here anyway i think. :P
Criteria 05: Texture maps.

Criteria 06: Money shot.

Sorry for the lateness of these images, my server decided to have a spazz right when I was submitting.

Had alot of fun with this model, great topic Soul.
Hope next time we get more entries.

Anyway, good luck to the others, hope you enjoy him/them.

05 May 2003, 09:35 PM
This is like an otherworlds version of Red Riding Hood I did for class. I did it before I knew about this contest. So it's not as twisted as I wanted it to be. But anyways, she's werewolf hunter. Her pet wolf helps her track down werewolves. She uses silver bullets and a big silver knife.

Red - 1497 triangles
Wolf - 502 triangles

Texture Res:
1 for Red
1 for Wolf

I had a bunch of drawin refs in my sketchbook, but i dont have a scanner. I did use the st. pauli girl for reference though for one part. hehe.

there are already some great looking entries.

06 June 2003, 12:13 AM
This is Cinderella.
I wasn't too keen on doing something REALLY dark and twisted, I'm just not that kind of person, so I ended up just putting a play on of you may get it.
..I hope all of you do actually.
face ref is the girl from Evanescence, taken right of sites's mainpage.

Model is 2820 polys. 1 512x512 texture map -w- alpha map.

06 June 2003, 02:19 PM
Zoid, is there any chance of posting a version of the Flat textures without a grid or UV lines on them?

Everyone else - Please don't post flat textures with anything on them other than the textures themselves, it makes Judging the texture quality of the piece difficult. We can see how effective your mapping is from the texture itself, and also from how it looks on the model.

Thank You.

06 June 2003, 02:57 PM
heh. sorry about that. i must've misread the requirements. i just replaced the image without the UVs.

06 June 2003, 03:03 PM
Ok, a few people have been asking for judgeing and I thought IŽd make the first step and distribute cirtique and points.

Due to the number of entrys IŽll only give away 3 Point MAXIMUM.
I hope that ok with you guys.


3 Points go to caustic

Really cool idea and work. Your concept is good, the model is great allthough I think 3992 is alot but you made something out of the budget.
You did a good job with the texture and UV layout. Respect, nice choise of colors. The model looks fairly animateable to me.

Great Job

2 Points go to ElysiumGX

The idea doesnt really flash me but the way you made it 3d its great. Texture and model are great, you layout is good to and could easiely animate the babe ;).
You and caustic really made 2 great gamemodels.

1 Point goes to zoid

I always will and have respected people who dont use alot of tries and still make a good animateable model. Thats what you have done ... but the idea is not twisted enough for me and the texture is blury and not "realistic" enough. Looks like you have used alot of dodge and burn. IŽd say the layout is ok.

Thx guys for entering the contest and sorry that it turned out with not to many entrys.

06 June 2003, 12:27 PM
ok i guess i will judge now!

3 points to caustic!
_fairly good model. Maybe a bit of wasted polys on the head(s)
_very good uvw mapping. No waste of texture space, major focus on the faces. Cannot say anything bad...
_effective texturing. the colors are a bit flat but the overall look is great

2 points to zoid
_good modelling, no waste of polygons... i especially like the wolf
_good uvw mapping, not much to say
_textures could have been more detailed, i agree with prs-phil. Anyway they do work, good job!

1 point to (ehm this is difficult...)
undecision between confracto and elysiumGx
i chose elysium for the detailded textures and the detailed study on anathomy that i saw he prepared...
the only things i don't like in this model are the head sides (it's not clear what they mean and the seam is quite evident) and the texturing in the hands. Maybe a little alpha mapping would have helped much!

congratulations to everybody anyway because you did what the others couldn't do: FINISH! ---this is one of the most important things when working in a project!

comment to confracto:
i like your model. Very cute face! What made me choose for Elysium is that...
the only twisted thing i can really see is the red dress - which lacks detail) you should have worked more on her innocent face... the make up is not everything!
she looks like a (real) innocent girl who dressed as evil for halloween!
still she's very cute...


06 June 2003, 02:33 PM
Sorry for the delay

Here is what criteria the decisions were based on

Polygon density/topology:
UVW Mapping:

Followed by some horrid scrawll that spewed out of my head when looking at the masterpeices


Polygon density/topology: the efficency is great and so is the density, but the client asked for 4k tris, thats another day or two in modelling in my book, spoiling an otherwise unblemished mesh (also you could have rounded off the dorsal fin a bit with them).
UVW Mapping: looks good and had some bits mirrored and sme bits not allowing for a natural asymetry in the face and tail. te eyes look alike they use too much space but if thats the amount of space left to use up then why not make the best of it. some stretching but not unmanageable.
Texturing: has very nice shading and lots of detail. It would have been nice if the scales followed the contours of the body and varied in size shape and colour instead of just being placed horizontally, but it is a nice way of getting detail in in a limited amount of time.
The asymetry in the map could have been used instead of mirroring the texture and wasting the texture space. Good use of photos.
Appeal: great mixture of fish and girl. great beauty shot, Personally i really like her.
Concept: none presented in the submission thread.
Reference: good but not utilised for the eyes enough

DrAdamDinosaur & Rikrog

Polygon density/topology: All polies look well used, some odd bits here and there, toes pointing out instead of in and some over square legs, and some waste around the goat heads, but a hard style to represent without artifacts showing. For such low poly meshes they have represented the form well. Cheating by moving individual verts when posing could have helped to make up for the low polyness.
UVW Mapping: nice uv mapping with little wasted space. Would have liked to see some tilling going on on the grass and perhaps a more traditional level mapping technique instead of a character layout as it would have helped the texel density
Texturing: The concept style was well represented. However it looked too hurried and sloppy and parts needed to be finished. A lot more time spent on it would have helped.
Appeal: The style is definatly what is going for this model possibly not sinister but definate anyway. So hard to do as a team effort
Concept: Ooses style
Reference: good references.


Polygon density/topology: Causing me problems trying to find fault will you? Take this... Bit worried about Z-fighting on the straps, the client didnt say what engine it was for so to be on the safe side i would have avoided clipping planes.and two verts on the feet look a little off.
UVW Mapping: Ha found some wasted space, nahh, not one hundred percent sure about the texel distribution as there could have been a bit more space given to the tummy etc.
Texturing: a little more colour noise would have been nice, but nit picking again, looks very efficiently painted, and made to look easy. Hmnn maybe one crit on the beauty shot, yeah the trees dont look real enough.
Appeal: Ohhh yeah.... not half
Concept: Great, clear, to the point, easy to work from, the only thing that would have made it easier for me is if there had been a side view too but as you were working from your own concept and it is so clear anyway it makes little odds.
Reference: no references?


Polygon density/topology: Ugg, only half the available tris used again oh well cheating the coustomer again? reasonably distributed and a solid model but on something so low poly each tris should do something, there are places like the backs of the thigs wehre there are verticies that do not contribute to the shape of the model. Depicts the character very well.
UVW Mapping: Looks very efficient, not sure how much stretching there is.
Texturing: Really nice to see something hand painted, and very nicely painted at that. Better as an oil than a game texture as it lacks detail and looks blurred, also why use such large textures when the same amount of detail could be presented in a smaller texture. The fase is especially nicly done.
Appeal: really like the character, classic with the wolf and just sexy enough with the short skirt, Personally would have been more appealing to me as a real time game model if it had made more efficient use of resources
Concept: would have liked to see the concepts, i am sure the were good.
Reference: She's cute, hey what a nice doggy.


Polygon density/topology:3 out of 4 k tris (why does noone want to make anything with the right number of tris in anymore). Also as a 32 bit texture is being used the extra alpha space could have been taken advantage off if the hair had been modeled accordingly, then the hair could follw the front view inthe concept a little more, but only a moinor point.
UVW Mapping: Only a little wasted space, the distribution could have been changed, and more room alloted to the areas with detail or to allow stretching to be hidden like on the brests.
Texturing: Really nice texture. the face is mesmeric, love it. Some bits, like the neck, look too much like vertex baking. It may have been an idea to make a high poly version and bake down from that if the baking is going to be relied apon to such an extent. A lot of pure black too, it would have been nice to see some shading in those areas or the solid coulours given less uv space and more alloted to the areas with detail like the hair and breasts. Some shading would have been nice, for example to give her a cleavage. still looks very good thouhg. Very consistant and clean style. The colour scheme and contrast is excelent as is the hair
Appeal:That face is fantastic, nicer than the mona lisa.
Concept: usable could have been a bit more detailed in the line drawing
Reference: hey thats almost gothic.

I really tryed to just look at the technical aspects from a clients POV, and am sorry failed. In the end it came down to which model i liked best. caustic's Just leaped there miles ahead, everything was spot on excelent and baggs of everything, this guy hasnt just got tallent but bags of routein too, it looks like he/she does this in his/her sleep. After that things got really hard. all were excelent in there own ways, I loved the style of DrAdamDinosaur & Rikrogs and zoid really made my kind of woman, but it was almost impossible to choose between Confracto and ElysiumGX for the next place. In the end ElysiumGX just got second because even though Confracto had tonnes of class it looked like more work was put in the fish girl.

Confracto 3rd
ElysiumGX 2nd
caustic 1st

Thanks for lettig me be so nasty about such great work


metal me solid
06 June 2003, 04:26 PM
i dont know if im supposed to be posting here but if no one gives Confracto 3 freakin points ill sue u all!!!

errrrrr amy + evanescence rox too ^_^ (teh referance)

06 June 2003, 05:12 PM
Originally posted by metal me solid
i dont know if im supposed to be posting here but if no one gives Confracto 3 freakin points ill sue u all!!!

errrrrr amy + evanescence rox too ^_^ (teh referance)

Hey! No bribing!

And esspecially not a bad attempt like yours :p

Anyway, here is my judging:

Caustic with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum; Three points:

Fun story, wich led to an good concept. The model follows the concept art very acuratly. Textures are great, nothing to crit there.

ElysiumGX with Sirenetta; Two points:

Nice model with nice textures. What to say more? Hmm, perhaps try to make it look more like the original char; if her name wasn't Sirenetta, people wouldn't have guessed it's her, but "just" an mermaid, IMHO

Zoid with Red Riding Hood; One point:

Overall, good. But IMHO the textures look a little but fuzzy, and the wolf is a bit blocky.

That's my points! Thanks to everyone participating.

06 June 2003, 01:18 AM
caustic: 3 points

- Polygon use is excellent. I can't find any place where faces are wasted.

- As has been said before, the way you used space on the texture sheet is amazing, and the textures themselves are of high quality.
However, IMHO the highlights on the face seem a bit to bright . . .

ElysiumGX: 2 points

Not much to say. Polygon's were used well, and the textures are very nice.

Good job

Confracto: 1 points

The pose is pretty good, it really brings the character to life. I find the textures to be less than impressive however. There are almost no highlights on the skin, and only a small amount of shading on the face. The clothes aren't any better, as almost all of it is black. I think you would have been better served painting the materiel as leather or at least given it a lighter color so that you could create some shading.

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