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07 July 2008, 07:47 PM
Hy Community,
a Glur3D&PFlow question/demand: imo it would be great to have a Glu3D Follow operator just like the FumeFX Follow operator. Basicly BirthGlu does that but after you add a test event the motion doesnīt get inherited

any ideas? and maybe an operator in the near future pipeline at 3DAliens?!? Glu3D Velocity/Follow would be an essential operator!

Any ideas from skilled personal around here?

The workaround atm is to have a simple PFlow with a Glu3D Birth and nothing else when your Glu3D Sim went through >> then caching that Glu3D Birth out with Krakatoa >> then using a Krakatoa File Position in every event or when u need to look up Glu3D movement...

Thanks in advanve and greetings!


07 July 2008, 05:14 PM
yep definately a long-winded event... couldn't a box3 op be built to perform such a pipeline?

I'd say your best chance is to email Santiago Renondo directly. This feature would more than likely need more work than the quick fix pflow scale referencing request I made, but it's worth a pop

email him over at as they have said themselves that they don't get that much chance to check the forums


07 July 2008, 05:22 PM
mailed him once today already...

thereīs a new pwrapper version out and the customers donīt get informed properly :( i would like to be in an email pool that informs me about updates and gives me a download ticket link or so...

i adressed the glu3dvelocity issue in the glu forum at his site days ago already too.

i gonna perform some box#3 kung fu and will post it here! gonna share the preset fīsure once i figured something out!

i use the PRT cache hack though. works fine but u gotta HAVE krakatoa in the first place...

i guess iīll drop a few lines once iīm done with R&D about it.


07 July 2008, 07:08 PM
there u go...sacrificed 5 min during lunch break.

note that the velocity/speed vector is ****ed up for now. working on that.. if u would display the particles as lines they are still not matching with the initial speed from the first event AND when u change the integration steps that has an effect on the scaling...

the write data op has to be global to be accessable in any other event!

but well...itīs a start.

with kindest regards,

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07 July 2008, 07:08 PM
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