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04 April 2002, 01:18 AM
hey,i have a question on charcter setup
usually there is a a null that represent the center of the
skeleton,now the in general when i move the leg
rig the body should follow
and do that i need a null constrain 2points to the legs rigs
now the center null should be position constrain
to the 2points null ,am i right so far?
for this i need to position constrain it with the COMP button
on so it wont actually move just constrain with somekind of an offset,my problem is that when i do that no matter wut with
the comp button on it still move the center null (with all the rest of the skeleton)
to the 2points null,im asking if someone have any idea to the problem or can tell where to check my self with the general setup.
thank you

04 April 2002, 06:03 PM
The workflow is else. First you set the constraint - the null jumps to the constraining object. After that you press the comp button and set the offset by moving the null back to its original position.

You can also solve your problem by linking the X and Z channels (not Y!) of both objects. This can be done by opening the global transform windows of the nulls and drag & drop the first x channel on the other x channel. Expression Editor opens, just say apply and its done, without changing the nulls position in Y.

Hope this helps.


04 April 2002, 07:45 PM
thx man ,working and im happy:bounce: :thumbsup:
now ill take advantege of you being nice ,to tell
wuts with upper body the body should follow the arms
somehow,how do i do that in the im kinda out of centers:)
thx again mate

04 April 2002, 08:30 PM
There are various kinds of doing this. I actually work on my character with different scriptings. It's usefull to script in a kind of position info group or model, where you put all your nulls into, which will affect your final rig.
So you can position constraint two nulls to the two hands. From these nulls you will read the position info (therefore position info group). now create a null which is linked in X and Z to your shoulder root. Call it ShoulderAutoRotate. Now you have to do some basic scripting. Write an expression for the local Y euler rotation of the ShoulderAutoRotate null. Take the Z position difference between the two hand nulls and multiply it with something to in- or decrease it. Here is javascript:smilie(':)')
smile an example of my character. I multiplied it also with a custom parameter to have more control later in animation:

( - ) * 5 * DaveParameters.DaveParameterSet.SchulterAutoRotate

So if you've done this the z difference between the two hands will drive the rotation of the shoulder.Now e voila, your shoulders are turning with your arm movement.

But this is only one way. You can do it by many other ways certainly.

Greetings from Germany

PS: I should write a rig scripting tutorial sometime! javascript:smilie(':)')

04 April 2002, 10:09 PM
it took me sometime to understand wut your talking about
cuz i never do scripting in 3dapp ,the good thing is that
i use to write some java applets so the syntax is pretty much
the same and well its somekind of a small objectoirented
anyway i figured it atlast
and yes you should writew a rig tutorial sometime
and seem to me just perfect :)
thx man cheers

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