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Jack Pfeiffer
05 May 2003, 04:16 PM
>> Discreet Combustion Training Class- June 2+3 `03 in Copenhagen Denmark....

Sponsored by TrueMax, Denmarks 3D Computer Graphic and Animation School and taught by Jack Pfeiffer, Trainer & author of the "Combustion: The WebWarriors Guide."

The two day class will be held at the TrueMax Training Facility, Jydeholmen 15 st. 2720 VanlÝse - Copenhagen Denmark Telephone: (45) 7027 7787 Telefax: (45) 7027 7767
E-mail: - website:

This Introductory Class with be taught in english and danish and be held June 2 & 3, from 9:00 to 14:00. The class covers essential Combustion v2 (Windows) basics including:

user-interface overview, Workspace and timeline views, Schematic views, Paint Tools for image retouching, wire removal and rotoscoping, creating and animating characters, working in 3D space with lights & shadows, Compositing basics and Effects operators, Using 2D particles, Keying and color correction basics, nesting, Motion tracking, Garbage masks, using rla and rpf files from 3ds max, and more.

To book your seat or get more infomation, contact TrueMax at

05 May 2003, 08:11 PM
hi jack

r u planning any classes in INDIA????



Jack Pfeiffer
05 May 2003, 07:56 AM

I would love to hold a Combustion class in India.... The limiting factor is simply the plane ticket... If you send me one, I might come! :) !

As for getting combustion training in your region:

1) Discreet has some worldwide Discreet Training Centers (DTC) and they keep a current list of facilities at their website here:
However, I did a quick check, and there does not seem to be one in India.

2) Discreet has regional offices, and in India, it is in Mumbai. (see: If you contact them, they may be able to find a local dealer that is competent enough to offer a local class or training.

3) Discreet also has a listing of Certified Instructors. See:
I checked, and although there are no listings of trainers in India, there are a few in Hong Kong and Singapore. It might be easier & cheaper to get one of them to fly in and teach a class.

4) Lastly, I might suggest that, if you can't get a local class, you simply try to "teach yourself...." You can get a LOT of free tutorials off the web. Also, you can purchase the Official Discreet Combustion Courseware, which has 37 tutorials. that book is what Discreet uses in their official Combustion classes. You can get ALL KINDS of additional training info, both FREE and for sale, from my post here:

Anyway, don't be discouraged ! Keep Combustin' !

regards from Denmark,


05 May 2003, 07:41 PM
hi Jack

thanx for reply.

first there is no DTC in INDIA because they have the concept of ETP (education training partner) in INDIA. There are n number of institutes having ETP tags with them, the process for getting an ETP is just you need to buy couple of softwares and courseware from discreet thats it and u become an educational training partner of discreet i have worked with such a company called "keyframe" u can find of there site they write that they are etp for discreet and they provide discreet certificate to student who does a course from them.

I have interacted with discreet (india) also but they dont have any training programs with them neither they conduct workshops.

There is no Discreet certified instructor in INDIA.

I have been teaching combustion myself since long but i think some of the basic feature which only people like u know should be passed on to all of the people.

If plane ticket and and ur stay is the only thing i think i would be able to do something about it.

i will mail u soon.

thanx & regards


05 May 2003, 06:08 PM
as far as any thing coming out of discreet INDIA, nuthing will happen on that front...may be you might even have to unlearn some of the info coming out of some of our DESI(colloquial for local) specialists :scream: .

"but i think some of the basic feature which only people like u know should be passed on to all of the people."...didn't get that.

i'd sure hope if jack was coming down he'd have some stuff for film.(hint hint ;) )


06 June 2003, 07:45 AM
hi boomji

its nice to see some people from local circuit,

"but i think some of the basic feature which only people like u know should be passed on to all of the people."...didn't get that.

well by this is i mean the perfect usage of a particular command, tool or effect for example i wanted glow in only lighter areas of my film and i was not getting any ideas how to do it but last year when i visited Broadcast INDIA i asked this guy who was taking care of combustion he told me that u will have to layer it or may be use mask or something like that but later on when i checked combustion in detail i found that it was there in the glow effect "threshold" so thats what i am talking about.

i feel the support guy should know the concept of the tool or effect so its uses can be explained properly to the users.



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