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07 July 2008, 11:01 PM
The name says it all. I have thinking about this for some time and have already started getting together, props, dancers, SFX; I guess I am the one producing this project.

Back then the 14 min short cost a hell of lot to make, but now I do believe it can be made on a shoe string budget. Anyway, I am funding this for portfolio work and because I am also a big MJ fan , there is also a big possibility that in another 25 years time we will be remembered with the original credits list as the first team to remake the Thriller video and really do it justice!!! Can anyone see an opportunity to get you name on a famous credits list? Just a thought…

Right now I am thinking to shoot most of this on a green screen, made up of real back ground sets, 2D backgrounds and using CGI backgrounds and sets. I am thinking the only real live set shooting would be the Wolf transformation scene where we’d shoot live.

I am hoping to send it off to festivals, I have got small budget to rent the camera and lights equipment everything else. I am really hoping that, if the project comes together like I envision a modern day remake with neat effects. It could amount to a generous amount of recognition.

My feeling is that to make it fresh for modern times is that there are going to have to be some parts which involve CGI. For example,

The werewolf transformation scene would look so cool of it was CGI for the 21st century people. I would like it to go as normal(if you have seen the original video) I would like this transformation to seem really elaborate and gross, And also to make the werewolf look 10x more viscous then he was in 1983…

I would like to acquire some willing compositor’s, animators and anyone and everyone who wants to help with this project.

Like the prosthetics I will be sculpting, the zombie costumes and MJ’s updated costume friends from college will be helping out on.

I have already made some graphics for this project which can be seen here.As you can see I hoping to have this ready for a You-tube release date of December 3rd 2008 as this was the original Thriller release date.IS this a project that interests you? COOL

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07 July 2008, 11:01 PM
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