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07 July 2008, 11:31 AM
hello guys, do u know anyway to stop an post infinty cycle in some point,like at frame 100 of an animation and keeping it working for the first 100 frames?
in max theres a way where u can add a keyframe to the cycle curve and start new from there, thanks for the help

07 July 2008, 09:12 AM
Maybe you can bake out the animation up to frame 100, that should do the trick.

07 July 2008, 07:17 AM
hey thanks man,i just felt stupid not thinking of it before,it worked well i tested it,it bakes the infinity cycle.THnx

08 August 2008, 02:50 AM
then create one cycle of your loop, make it a trax clip then simply shift-drag out the end of the trax clip for as long as you want it to loop. trax is great for loops. you can also easily speed up or slow it down, and not just make it faster or slower but animate the accelerating or decelerating.. comes in handy sometimes

the other advantage over baking is you can revise your animation easily at any time, you dont have to rebake it.

the disadvantage is you have to configure a trax character which is an error prone process.

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08 August 2008, 02:50 AM
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