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07 July 2008, 07:31 PM
it has proven difficult for me to find detailed video tutorials. most are just sped up. I have been drawing most of my life, but the transition to digital painting has proven extremely tough for me. i am stuck in my 8.5 by 11 black and white paper world. color is something that does not come natural for me. if anyone has some suggestions on how to escape my trap, such as exercises i can do or tutorials to watch, it would be most appreciated. my biggest problem is i try to achieve what the big boys can do, and i need to start small, but i dont know what small is in this case because every reference i have is a detailed finished piece. in the end, i would really like to have someone teach me, but i can most liekly learn on my own like so many have. i know i have it in me i just need some help.

p.s. check out my site to see what i am capable of. (

thank you

07 July 2008, 12:52 PM
Nice portfolio!

Take a look at how Bobby Chiu works. You can find his videos at . There is some really nice stuff at too. Especially is worth checking out. Last but not least you may find useful.

08 August 2008, 12:15 PM
You've got some drawing skills. Learing how to paint shouldn't be too hard for you.
If you really want videos, I'd recommend the stuff out at Gnomon Workshop ( Robertson's and Feng Zhu's are the most educational of them) or Massive Black (
They're not free though. If you want free videos, you'll only get time lapse videos without commentary or anything. If money is not a problem, then, there are a lot of online workshops, like CGworkshops (I attended the one by Don Seegmiller and it was very interesting) or schoolism ( by Bobby Chiu.
Also, try to get your hands on Harley Brown's Eternal Truth for Every Artist. Behind that pretentious name hides a bible for everyone interested in painting techniques.
Cheers! You're half way there. :-)

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