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05 May 2003, 08:50 AM
Hey all.

i started working in a strange company which shows comercials on streets junktions...big screens..
anyway till now i used to work on video meaning 720-576,,,
digitazing,editing..expor to video tape.

but since i started working in that new place i have to make everything digital.
importing movies from beta into the computre editing (using ae5,premiere) and when its doen exporting the movie in a 256-192 size mpeg.
now ive noticed that the mpg i get eventually is having those strip silces which like emphisizing the fields or something is there anything i am doing wrong in the mpeg output settings?
any source i can use in order to lear about this format or anyone please knows what to do?

thanks in advance


05 May 2003, 11:24 AM
this is due to your mpeg2 codec being hacked. Try installing the "normalized" version(i had the same problem, i was using the modified version of angel something dunno the name)

note that if u render it in mpeg2 and then import it again to premiere, u might get really wierd results when u render it again. if u are working on a video, 1st render all scenes in an uncompressed format with no quality loss, and then only inthe final render compress it with mpeg2

05 May 2003, 11:33 AM

thanks for replying...but...

well no its not hacked...
not as far as i know it belongs to the company and has licens and all.
and no i dont render it into an mpg2 and then importing to premiere...
:< am not!
im usually makeing a full movie with no compression at all ,then importing this into premiere because thats where the mpg2 plugin is working (it doesnt comunicate with Ae I DONT KNOW WHY...:shrug: )
so i think maYb i am doing somthing wrong in the out put settings of the mpg2 or the strange size of the movie does it..:(
still dont know:hmm:

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