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05 May 2003, 08:25 AM
ok combustion2 is what im using.
Ive got a few problems. How do i tell C2 particle system to Start emitting particles before the footage movie starts? Is it somewhat related to "Preload Frames"? i was playing with it but i got no results. Also if i use a particle system like "into dust" or "into steam" all over the footage, how can i control they way it moves? for example i tried it but after a few frames it gets so INTENSE the image disappears(and its a hell to render too)

also, is there anyway to make the previews less-cpu-expensive? i get c2 to get so danm slow i can hardly move a thing on it to test things.

One more thing, do u know when a character steps on sand/dirt hand makes a small dust poof? if im using a terrain as a layer and a character as a separate one, how can i tell the program to just "hit-it-once" and stop, without continuing to spray dirt. I only achieve this by playing with the Opacity values but it doesnt get too realistic unfortunaltly


John Swafford
05 May 2003, 05:36 AM

I'm a fairly experienced user of the ParticleIllusion 2.0 program, and am quite new to the implementation of that particle system in Combustion 2. However, the property to work with in ParticleIllusion is the "number" property for the overall emitter. (I hope you can find this in Combustion, as I don't know enough of the program to easily check this.)

Animate this property over time to keep new particles from being emitted, while allowing the particles already emitted to continue their behavior. (The "active" property might seem at first to be the one you want, but it simply hides the emitter's particles instantly.)

Changing the "number" property is also a good way to reduce the load on your CPU if the particle count is killing your project. You can lower it for preview, and then raise it again for final rendering.....or just leave it low if it looks good enough.

Let me know if this helps......good luck.

-John Swafford

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