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06 June 2008, 10:03 PM
Welcome people,

I´m the leader for the total conversion Tiberian Genesis team, a modification for Crysis.
I want to use this thread to start a full scale membersearch and to discuss our project.
Since here in the cgsociety are a lot of professionals, talents and beginners we hope to find some new creative teammembers and get a lot of constructive critism.

First you should know that we have green light from the EA and Crysis community managers to use their original concepts in a non commercial project. So our mod benefits by support from EA and Crysis staff members.

So lets start with a small description and some pictures about our Tiberian Genesis total conversion. More content will follow soon.


Tiberian Genesis intends to bring the action of the Command and Conquer trilogy to Crysis. Players will be provided an opportunity to play a Command and Conquer game the way it was meant to be played. You will be able to control all combat mechs and defense buildings according to your own taste, as well as command several powerful mechs, like the GDI Mammoth Mk. II. ( (


Here are some of the features we are planning to build in our mod. Keep in mind that this is a tentative list, and is subject to change.

* Gametypes like: Infiltrate enemy bases, or build your own base (C&C RTS mode)
* Balance of power between the two opposing forces - the Brotherhood of NOD and the Global Defense Initiative
* You will be able to play on either side.
* Battle on islands, inside caves full of Tiberium, which will become one of your primary resources, and much more
* High priority is also placed upon the civilization and mutated vegetationsystem, for an impressive look and a good feeling of the dangerous tiberium infestation process
* Lots of new weapons
* Customized audio ( ( ( (

Plans for process of release:

The addons will be released step by step: in the early development process we will release the first tech level of Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™, then the second and so on up to tech level 10 including the Firestorm™ units. After we have achieved that you can expect a full release of the modification. Containing all tech levels, miscellaneous objects, mutants and islands.

We´ve got a large amount of content in our hands which we really want to share with the community, but we need more modders such as modellers, animators and many texturers etc. to finish our stuff.

Open positions:

It would help, if you are a fan of C&C and know a bit about the basics of Tiberian Sun yet but it's not really necessary.

3D Modellers (mechanical modelling)

Your tasks would be:
- optimizing and repairing of our finished motor pool and architecture models
- detail modelling of the finished motor pool and architecture buildings
- remodelling of models which became damaged during the export processes
- modelling of the rest of the motor pool and base buildings based on the renders of Cybergooch or our own concept arts
- modelling and planning of interiors for buildings and vehicles
- modelling of the futuristic civilian architecture based on your own imagination or existing concepts
- modelling of different props with which the player can act
- modelling of low detailed models for the different view, damage and geometry lods

Preferable knowledge within the basics of modding in:
- modelling of high detailed models "with clean meshes" for all kinds of texture maps
- UV/Bump/Normal/Specular mapping

3D Modellers (organic modelling)

Your tasks would be:
- modelling of mutated vegetation objects for our custom islands
- character modelling of organic lifeforms (infantry units, mutants, civilians and tiberium creatures)
- detail modelling of the motor pool objects for all kinds of texture maps

Preferable knowledge within the basics of modding in:
- sculpting techniques
- the "box modelling" method
- UV/Bump/Normal/Specular mapping


Your tasks would be:
- UV mapping of finished mechanical and organic assets
- texturing of UV maps for mechanical and organic assets
- design of highly detailed texture maps

preferable knowledge within the basics of modding in:
- creation of well arranged UV maps for vehicles, characters and buildings
- texture creation of Bump/Normal/Specular maps

The Crysis Engine is really easy to handle if you know the basics about it. The possibilities and freedom are endless. It's just great working with this wonderful tools this engine offers. Things are easy to export and import and there's also huge support from the community itself. You should check it out.

We hope to hear from you soon.
If you still have any questions left and want to join the team, then feel free to ask. Everyone who is able to contribute some time and is willing to help us in finishing our project is always appreciated.

Best regards

Tiberian Genesis Staff

Jack Hammersmith

07 July 2008, 10:41 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates, but my gpu died on me...

I´ve got some media of our artists to show off anyway now and it looks like we will get some serious PR managers soon too.

For now, I want to introduce you to our GDI Assault Rifle, which was modeled by Rick and Textured by Nico, our new modeller and texturing artist.

We even managed to get this baby ingame with some temporary animations done by me. ^^
No animators found yet.

You can look at the proof in the 2nd screen. The GDI Soldier is in progress too and needs only to be rigged and textured now.

And in the last pic, you can see the WIP disruptor and its disruptor beam effect ingame.

PS: I will upload these pics to our ftp later, sorry for the attachment stuff.
*Update: done :) ( ( ( (

07 July 2008, 02:38 AM
Looks pretty cool. If you need modelers, I can contribute. If you want to see some samples, PM me, or check out my MySpace Resume( One question, is this a FPS or RTS game? I know the C&C concept mixed with Crysis, but just wondering what the base game type will be. Thanks.

07 July 2008, 10:39 PM
We are working on a FPS/RTS hybrid.
Commander Mode (build bases, command troops, C&C style) + FPS shooter.
Just imagine gameplay like Natural Selection fused with the C&C Tiberian Sun universe.

But I have to say, that our current priority lies on finishing the models and establish a first Destroy Enemy Base Gamemode to test the balancing.

We have to wait until our 2nd coder aquires a copy of Crysis (and the required rig) anyway, so that he can start working on the MP AI and other gameplay elements which have nothing to do with the buildmenu (which has made a lot of progress yet ;)).

Currently, our new PR managers are working on an interesting media update, so stay tuned.

BTW, check your PM´s ;)

08 August 2008, 06:28 PM
Hi again,
I just wanted to inform you about our new media update.
Our both new PR Managers worked their asses off, to get this released.
I hope that I have not pushed them too much. ^^

Well, here it is (text written by Encrtia):

Hello again everyone, the update has been produced xD

Firstly, I must apologize for this late update, but, the Tiberian Genesis mod has been undergoing major Staff shortages. As you can imagine, it has been hard to progress, and troublesome, but with the remaining staff, we have conjured up more goodies to share, hoping to maintain interest amongst our fans and viewers.

In this video, you shall be shown a taster of some Work In Progress. This would be including the linear disruptor, agile nod-buggy, Hover MLRS, mighty harvester, and GDI’s Assault Rifle in action. It shows a small glimpse of what has been produced, with nothing being the final, but still rockin’. Without further ado, to my happiness to show you, this is the long awaited video update:

Watch on Vimeo (
Watch on Youtube (
Watch on Veoh (

As for improvements, the following have now been updated:

• First vehicle engine and weapon sounds composed by Hawk_Db.
• Nod-buggy’s Dual Cannon has been replaced with a new Quad Cannon.
• Temporary textures have been implemented for various vehicles and buildings
• Lights have been added to the various vehicles previously installed.
• The driving physiques has been greatly improved.
• The disruptor has finally acquired a new Beam attack produced by Nico.
• The disruptor beam is now passable through walls, and other such objects.
• The 4 tread tank physiques have been stabilised, and improved thanks to MWLL.
• First vehicle HUDs were implemented.
• The build menu based on temporary flash scripts and is in work now by our New Flash Designer.
• GDI’s soldier model has been merged with AI.
• A new Gallery system ( will continuously be updated, so stay tuned. ( (

We hope you enjoyed reading through this update, and eagerly await the next. We shall post yet another update, as soon as possible. If, however, anyone has the ability to aid us in this mod, please, do not hesitate, and come forth.

Ah, and before I forget it, there is another open position in our team.


Your tasks would be:
- rigging and exporting of our finished character models
- animation of the 1st person and 3rd person weapons
- creation of walk animations for our mech units

preferable knowledge within the basics of modding in:
- rigging and bone weighting of models

Thank you for reading,
From us to you,
Tiberian Genesis Staff.

01 January 2009, 10:29 AM
Hi all,

it´s time for a new update by Tiberian Genesis.

Santa has been kind enough to share some of our great progress, these wonderful and exciting months. We'll present new amazing aircrafts, buildings and more.

Being a C&C modification is both a honor and a huge commitment, we are following a great franchise that is loved by all of us. There are no gamers who don’t know this legendary universe.

Our talented ex-team member Sam has already modeled the amazing GDI Orca Hover Craft, and now it has been optimised by our new team member Fluffy Opossum who has also modeled the NOD Harpy Helicopter. Both give excellent gameplay opportunities!
Shown below are pictures of the GDI Orca and the NOD Harpy. ( (

Team member Akustav has put in time and effort to perfect the NOD Power plant, giving it both exterior and interior, he is now optimizing the model and texturing it. ( ( ( (

The Tiberian Genesis Team is working hard to optimize the models and enhance the textures to fit the high quality that C&C fans all over the world are used to, and with the new CryENGINE2 it will look and feel even more spectacular than ever.

Our expert programmers Uranwen, Electron and mildesign have progressed greatly in developing the excellent mechanics and features the game will provide, to enhance the gameplay and the experience even more.
Below is a list of mechanics that are now being developed.

• Dynamically growing Tiberium fields (video will follow soon)
• Netcode resource management pieces created for the cryENGINE2
• Full Buildings spawn system enhanced for the MP GameType

As promised a new year present for our community. We have created special wallpapers for your desktops, attached below are the excellent screenshots created by team leader Jack Hammersmith with a special thanks to the game designer and creative director Roy Shapira.
1920x1080 (, 1680x1050 (, 1280x720 (, 1024x768 (
1920x1080 (, 1680x1050 (, 1280x720 (, 1024x768 (

We are still recruiting talented Modelers, Texturers, Animators, Riggers, UnWrappers, so if you are interested or you know anyone who might be, please contact me Jack Hammersmith here (

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2009
- The Tiberian Genesis Team

01 January 2009, 02:48 PM
Happy new year, I just emailed you my interesting at your website.please kindly check it.
hope we can talk more on that.

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