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06 June 2008, 05:59 AM
Hi, my name is Lenin and I'm absolutely new to rigging and desperately need help.

1. What is the procedure of rigging a low res version and having the hires follow it exactly?

2. I have 2 characters (thin and fat) - both having same poly count and mesh flow, just a few tweaks to make one fatter than the other.
I want to rig only once so that i can use the rig on both models so what is the best way to go about it.
(should I duplicate the rigged character and adjust its vertices to make it fat or should I just duplicate the Rig and skin it again to the fat character??

PLEASE do help me on this .. its urgent... !!


06 June 2008, 06:23 AM
I did read the above threads but I'm still confused!!

06 June 2008, 07:09 AM
Are you using Max?

To your first question, I don't have a lot of experience switching between low and high res characters... But if it's at all helpful, what I'll normally do after rigging a character is I'll clone the body and cut it up at each of the joints, then manually lower the poly count. I then slap an Edit Mesh modifier on the bones and add the corresponding pieces that I've cut out of the character. This way, you can hide the geometry and deal directly with your bones, save processing power, and still get accurate results.

Second question: If your characters have identical poly count and mesh flow down to the vertex, I would use Morpher/Blend Shapes. You can easily switch between one version of the character and the other after skinning.

Another, probably more precise, way would be to skin one character, save its envelopes, then load those envelopes onto the other character. I believe the method for this varies from package to package. From there, you can make whatever tweaks you need to make the second character work better with the rig, which you can't really do with blend shapes.

06 June 2008, 11:46 AM
thanks neuro. your advice is definitely helpful!!
Atleast I got a starting point now.
I use Maya.
thanks a lot.

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06 June 2008, 11:46 AM
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